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Kyrgyzstan: The wiretaps of Usen Sydykov the chief organizer of anti-government actions – telephone conversations

May 14, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Russian information agency, Ferghana.

Kyrgyzstan:  The wiretaps of Usen Sydykov the chief organizer of anti-government actions – telephone conversations
©  Ferghana.Ru
May 14, 2010

In the night of May 13 Ferghana.Ru received the audio records of telephone conversations of the former teammates of Kurmanbek Bakiev, the overthrown president of Kyrgyzstan; they are de facto key figures in the events that take place in the southern part of the republic.

It has to be mentioned that on May 13 Bakiev’s supporters took over the oblast administrative buildings in Jalal-Abad, Osh and Batken oblasts, demanding to return the previous governors.

The audio records report the telephone conversations of Usen Sydykov, the former head of president’s office, with the number of ex-parliamentary deputies and ex-governor of Osh oblast Mamasadyk Bakirov that organized the takeover of administrative offices in Osh; besides, the records indicate the number of other people, reporting to Sydykov about the events in the south of the republic.

Analyzing the content of the audio files, Ferghana.Ru experts identified the voices of Sydykov, Iskhak Masaliev (ex-deputy of Kyrgyz parliament) and other persons.

It is worth mentioning that wiretaps of former high ranking officials and deputies’ conversations was organized by State National Security service and sanctioned by Prosecutor General Ibraev. It is also reported that the authorities already filed the criminal case on “organization of mass disorders”.

The audio files consist of 13 parts. All conversations were in Kyrgyz. We also offer our readers the brief outline of the following conversations.

Record #1

Usen Sydykov and unknown deputy of the dissolved parliament (woman) are speaking. The woman reports to Usen Sydykov that parliamentary deputies are gathering; Sydykov instructs to elect Iskhak Masaliev as the new chairman of the parliament. Sydykov wonders if the deputies received money, he wired. The woman confirms the receipt of money. It has to be mentioned that Iskhak Masaliev, detained on May 12, was later on released under the pressure of his communist party.

Record #2

Ainura Kenjebaeva, the deputy of Ak-Jol parliamentary party, gives a call to Usen Sydykov. She is saying the deputies gathered, but there is no quorum yet. It was decided to meet next Monday. Usen Sydykov one more time says that Iskhak Masaliev should be elected as the chairman.

Record #3

Usen Sydykov talks to some activist Abdumanap that reports the situation in the south and expected arrival of some 150 sportsmen. Usen Sydykov instructs him to call Bektur Asanov, the governor of the Jalal-Abad Oblast (appointed by the interim government – editorial note), and promise him to keep his position in case he supports counter-revolutionary forces.

Record #4

Sydykov is talking to some Abay. They are discussing the candidates for the position of the Batken Oblast governor. Usen Sydykov says that some Aytmat was sent there to take this position. Abay also mentions Aybalaev, but Usen Sydykov rejects his candidacy.

Record #5

Usen Sydykov is calling Bektur Asanov (the governor of the Jalal-Abad oblast) and inquires about the situation there. Asanov says “Usen-aka is better aware of the situation since he is the one who manages the disorders in the south”. In response, Sydykov says he is in Bishkek.

Asanov notes that earlier he was contacted by “friend Bakyt” (the son of Usen Sydykov – editorial note) and was urged to join the counter-revolution forces since southern regions were already under the control of these forces.

Bektur Asanov confirms he is not going to join Sydykov and will go with interim government on end. Asanov says he is ready to shoot anyone who will try to take over the power in the Jalal-Abad oblast, he is not afraid to die.

Record #6

Usenov calls ex-governor of Osh Oblast Mamasadyk Bakirov and informs that Defense Minister Ismail Isakov and Emergency cases Minister Duishekul Chotonov were on the way to Osh. Usen Sydykov urges to take Isakov and Chotonov as hostages. Bakirov agrees.

Record #7

Unknown person calls and informs Usen Sydykov about the arrival of Ismail Isakov in Batken military unit. Sydykov mentions some negotiations.

Record #8  (May 12, 2010)

Usen Sydykov calls Iskhak Masaliev and shows dissatisfaction that the meeting in front of Bishkek parliament is over. He is dissatisfied with some brothers (perhaps, Bakievs) that promised to join the protests in the night of May 12. Iskhak Masaliev says that Almaz Ambaev gathered his people and was heading to Bishkek.

Record #9

Usen Sydykov and unknown person are discussing the meeting of Nariman Tyuleev supporters. Sydykov says they had to stop the demonstration because Atambaev gathered the crowd of his supporters. Tyuleev’s people promised to come back tomorrow. Sydykov is instructing the unknown man to gather his supporters on May 13.

Record #10

Sydykov talks to Masaliev. Masaliev says that Almaz Atambaev’s supporters are going to devastate “Golden Dragon” restaurant, owned by Boris Sun, because he helped Masaliev escape from National Security office. Usen Sydykov recommends Masaliev not to stay home overnight.

Record #11

Chyngyz Mamasharipov informs Usen Sydykov that Mamasadyk Bakirov became the governor of Osh. Sydykov is discontent that Chyngyz lost initiative. Sydykov orders to take Isakov and Chotonov as hostages, invite Omurbek Tekebaev for negotiations and take him as hostage as well.

Record #12

Usen Sydykov tells some Abdumanap that his people took over the administrative office of Osh Oblast and Osh city. He proposes to negotiate with Jalal-Abad oblast governor Bektur Asanov and offer him to keep the position. Sydykov also instructs to take over Batken Oblast, Bazar-Korgon, Nooket districts and do it with “no mistakes”.

Record #13

Usen Sydykov tells Iskhak Masaliev that he is heading to the south, where his people took over the oblast administrative buildings, and instructs Masaliev to stay ready with the parliamentary deputies. Masaliev says ok.

* * *

The records of these telephone conversations were broadcasted by National Television and Radio Corporation of Kyrgyzstan in the late night of May 14. AKIpress also partially reports the shorthand records.


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