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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: American futile Efforts in the Mirror of the Afghan History

April 28, 2010

The following comment is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

American futile Efforts in the Mirror of the Afghan History
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
April 28, 2010  17:38

Prior to February 1989, when the Red Army pulled out of Afghanistan, the Soviet leaders started gradually drawing down their forces in the far-flung provinces of Afghanistan. Consequently, Dr. Najib’s government evacuated Khust and Kumar provinces completely, posing it as an initiative to defend places of people’s concentration. Meanwhile, Najib’s spy agency the Ministry of State Intelligence (WAD in Persian), braggingly announced that they had created disunity among the Mujahideen. They said that they were in contact with the Mujahideen commanders and as per their strategy, had struck some surreptitious deals with them. Thus, they were trying to hide their failures and paint their efforts as achievements and as a new strategy.

However, the realities were vice versa – the regime ultimately collapsed. America is traversing the same path. They are losing their strong military bases.

Similarly, the Karzai puppet administration, some times, speaks of peace talks and reconciliation; of holding jirga, and some times, falsely claims that negotiation with the opposition is under way. Even some times, they say the Mujahideen have shown flexibility and readiness to hold talks, quoting some unknown sources. Thus, they want to deceive the public by publishing such reports through media outfits which are on their payroll.

But they are unaware of the fact that the public themselves behold the realities with their own eyes. The enemy’s propaganda campaign in the final analysis will harm the enemy itself. Moreover, Najib renamed the People’s Democratic Party as the Homeland Party and began to raise national slogans instead of the communist slogans. Karzai is now acting the same drama. But neither the propaganda launched by Khad and the servant media could contribute to Naib’s sustainibility. His government propaganda could not erode the confidence existing among Mujahideen and the people never accepted Najib as a patriot Afghan merely by renaming his party. Today people eye Karzai’s assertions and crocodile’s tears with suspicions.

Najib and his masters formed militias and strengthened them. Currently, the Kabul Puppet Administration is toeing the same line. They have forgotten that the former Najib’s regime collapsed at the hands of the militias which were formed to protect and defend the regime in the first place. Today the government of Karzai has been weakened and discredited by the warlords who have ensconced themselves in the government high echelon. Anyway, the past history repeats itself once again. All these developments point to the fact that the invading America is standing on the abyss of defeat. The recent decision by the NATO foreign ministers in [Estonia] to withdraw their forces from the provinces of Afghanistan and hand over the security to the Afghan forces, confirm our claim and is a replay of the past history. This proves that the resistance in Afghanistan has evolved into a popular upheaval and now it is almost impossible to confront it. The people’s demonstration in Logar, the gate of Kabul where people set fire to the logistical convoy, once again shores up our claim. The foreign and internal forces, including their air force and ground troops were not able to save their logistical convoy and military vehicles from the havoc of the empty handed people.

Presently, all Mujahideen are united and strong, being led by a wise and sagacious leadership. The people support them. Their leadership possess deep military and political insight. So none of the Mujahideen will ever come under the impression of the enemy propaganda. They know that the enemy is on the verge of defeat and hence is grasping at every straw.

In the light of the above facts, the public of the West should raise to the occasion to harness their arrogant governments and get acquainted with the history of Afghanistan in order to learn a lesson from it and pull out of Afghanistan immediately. If they do not do that, their fate will be similar to the fate of the former Soviet Union. Similarly, if the Afghans who are now siding with the Puppet Kabul Administration do not cut off their relation with the moribund regime, they will also meet the fate of the former communists. Neither they will find a haven inside the country nor abroad. They will bear the brunt of a heavy loss in this world and the world to come.


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