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Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the 31st Anniversary of Condemnation of the communist coup d’etat in Afghanistan

April 27, 2010

The following is an official statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the 31st Anniversary of Condemnation of the communist coup d’etat in Afghanistan
April 27, 2010  03:20  administrator

On April 28 falls the 31st anniversary of the communist coup d’etat in Afghanistan. It is the beginning of the ongoing tragedies of the three decades and the consequence of insouciance and anti-Islamic attitude of the past regimes. In fact, this coup d’etat was launched as part and parcel of rivalries between the two main blocs of the world – capitalism and communism. Each wanted to extend its tentacle over the Warm Waters of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf oil resources. To achieve this goal, they intended to occupy Afghanistan and efface its Islamic identity and sovereignty. Their domestic henchmen, the Khalqis and Parchimites, were assisting them in this faithfully, by raising attractive and deceiving slogans of shelter, cloth and bread.

The Khalqis and Parchimites like the present secular elements, wanted to foist a communist system on the Muslim people of Afghanistan without taking into account the objective realities. They were implementing the internal and external policy of Afghanistan as per the advice of the Russian advisors who were completely ignorant of the Afghan culture. The Khalqis and Parchmites elected to take some implausible measures and decisions against the religion, people and the noble Afghan culture.

They buried alive thousands of true sons of this land underground and tortured hundreds of thousands of them. They called all the steadfast and honor-loving Afghans who opposed their atheist regimes, as agents of the foreigners. The Afghan Mujahid people, on the basis of their faith, rose against the communist regime of Khalq and Parcham and later against the invading Red Army, giving them an unforgettable lesson, by launching a sacred Jihad against them. Then, the Red Army was considered as invincible and irreversible. By then, the Western rulers had come round that recapturing land from the Red Army was impossible; whereas the communist rulers in the Kremlin had contemplated that a communist revolution in the whole region was a compulsion of the history i.e. it shall occur whether some one wants it or not.

Before the coup d’etat, they believed the change should come after a cultural revolution. But now they contended that coup d’etat was a short-cut for grabbing power in the Islamic countries.

These are the unimpeachable facts of that time. The West has now intentionally forgotten them and closed their eyes to admit the splendid acts of heroism of the proud Afghan people who saved the Islamic and non-Islamic world from the claws of communism.

It was only the Afghan Mujahid people who withstood the Red Deluge and permanently effaced the arrogant empire of the former Soviet Union. However, on April 29, when the surrogate communist regime was toppled thanks to the sacrifices of 1.5 million martyrs and the jihad parties gained political power in Afghanistan, they, unfortunately, focused on their personal goals rather than aiming at establishing an Islamic government. Thus, they frustrated the suffering Afghan people who had been nurturing the hope of seeing sovereignty of an Islamic government in the country.

To put an end to the corruption, anarchy and mischief in the country, some honest Mujahideen who felt their obligation, rose to the occasion in the shape of the Taliban Islamic Movement, launching their struggle for restoration of security and establishment of an Islamic system. This struggle has been continuing as of to date, having passed through different phases; and the Mujahideen have been solidified in the vicissitude of times.

It is worth mentioning, the Red Army invasion of Afghanistan and their defeat, the failure of America and NATO in Afghanistan in the past nine years are live lesson for the arrogant America. The Afghans are not kowtowing before the black colonialism in the shape of the so-called democracy as they did not do that before the Red colonialism in the shape of communism. This is because the Afghans now can realize the real intentions and goals of the enemy behind their flagrant and attractive slogans.

The Americans like their formers Soviet Union, have martyred thousands of Afghans and detained thousands of them in Guantanamo, Bagram, Kandahar and other secret jails. They have perpetrated crimes in violation of all rules of human rights under the name of fighting terrorism – even the brutalities of the past invaders seem minimal in comparison to theirs.

They also claim that now the world is unipolar and there is only one super power and that is America. However, they are forgetting that in the near past, in this land, by the hands of these Afghans, an empire stronger than theirs, did collapse and fell smithereens.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while condemning the April 28 (Saur) coup d’etat and considers it as a colossal tragedy and a source of all the suffering of the Afghan Muslim people, meanwhile reminds the rulers of the White House to be aware of the consequence of the day that you will end up regretting the mistakes that you are making in Afghanistan today as now the remains of the Red Empire of communism are regretting their mistakes.

It is more plausible and rationale for the Americans to desist from turning Afghanistan into a bastion for achievement of colonialist goals in the region and the world under the spurious name of fighting terrorism. They should let the Afghans to pridefully live under the shade of an Islamic system in an independent country. In this, lies the secret of stability and security of the whole region. The rulers of the puppet Karzai Administration should take lessons from the consequences of the henchmen of the Kremlin, the defeated communists. They should abstain from bowing before their foreign masters and instead, side with their people and nation. They must trust their own people and not let them be prosecuted at the hand of the foreigners.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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