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Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) Military Communique

April 24, 2010

The following statement is republished with permission from Ogaden Online. Underlined emphasis added.

ONLF Military Communiqué
April 22, 2010  21:10

On the 16th of April 2010 Commando Units of the National Liberation Army captured three Ethiopian military bases at Qorile and Miir-Khalif in Dollo region, Marsin in Qorahey region, and Negadi-Weyne in Shabelle region. ONLA destroyed military facilities in these bases including three Russian made (Ural) trucks and captured sizable quantities of Ammunition and weaponry. The Ethiopian casualties in these operations are 216 dead and more than 345 wounded.

Also in this operation a number of Ethiopian troops surrendered to the ONLA and after disarming them the Liberation Army have set them free as a gesture of not harbouring any ill-will against the Ethiopian people. The aim of the Ogaden people’s struggle is to obtain the right of self-determination through a plebiscite and live in peaceful coexistence with other nations in the region.

The Ogaden National Liberation Army command takes also this opportunity to inform all expatriate NGO’s and foreign Workers that ONLA will be conducting extended operations against the Ethiopian occupation Army in the Ogaden from now until mid May and would advise all concerned to be extra careful in all their movements outside their bases.

Ogaden National Liberation Army Command Center

22 April 2010


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