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IntelTrends 22-APR-2010

April 22, 2010

Ousted Kyrgyz President’s brother disappears
24.kg, 22 Apr

The ousted Kyrgyz President’s brother has disappeared in Jalal-Abad. This information has been sent to the news agency 24.kg  on 22 April, by email by another brother of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Kanybek.

Andrei Menderey, the man who shot polish plane crash gunshots footage, stabbed to death
Kavkaz, 22 Apr

As reported by numerous Polish and Ukrainian Web forums, the man who filmed a video that appeared to depict gunshots being fired in the immediate aftermath of the Polish plane crash has apparently been stabbed to death in what many are claiming was a deliberate assassination to silence the individual from making public whatever it was he saw.

Russian Navy successfully delivers anti-cruise missiles in maneuver
RIA, 22 Apr

Two militants killed in North Caucasus
RIA, 22 Apr

INDIA: Maoists thriving in backward areas: PM
Times of India, 22 Apr

North Korea and Iran agree two-year exchange programme
Trend.az, 22 Apr

BURMA: Don’t use force to resolve crisis, KIO warns junta
Mizzima, 22 Apr

Kachin Independence Organisation (KIP) has warned the Burmese junta against using military might to suppress ethnic armed groups under ceasefire, refusing to bring its armed wing into the regime’s Border Guard Force (BGF).

RWANDA: Canada apologizes over Genocide
TNT Kigali, 22 Apr

UN requests Canada to deny asylum to FDLR rebel
TNT Kigali, 22 Apr

Revolution in Central Asia: Who’s Next?
OilPrice.com, 21 Apr

The seventh round of war in Yemen has already started
Roads to Iraq, 21 Apr

With total media blackout, Yemeni news website Al-Adhwaa reported that the Yemeni army carried out a wave of aerial bombardment on the position of the Houthis rebels in Harif-Sufiyan-Sa’ada since Tuesday.

KYRGYZSTAN: Civil Unrest or Civil War?
Pravda, 21 Apr

Seventh Journalist Murdered in Honduras
Prensa Latina, 21 Apr

Allegations that there exist foreign military camps in Eritrea are totally baseless: The Gulf News
Shabait, 21 Apr

Gulf News newspaper dismissed as unfounded repeated baseless allegations on the part of western media outlets claiming that there exist Israeli or Iranian military camps in Eritrea.

U.S. X-37B robot minishuttle: ‘Secret space warplane’?
Register, 21 Apr

The U.S. Air Force will finally launch the long-delayed X-37B unmanned mini space shuttle, dubbed by the Iranian government a “secret space warplane”. But what is it actually for?

Bulgaria’s Police Packed with State Security Collaborators of former communist regime
Novinite, 21 Apr


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