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Syrian scud missiles to Hezbollah: Truth or media manipulation?

April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

Allegations that Syria transferred scud missiles to Hezbollah started off as a minor news article carried by a handful of media – but now this story just won’t quit and has steamrolled into a major issue being published in the global dailies. But is there any truth to it?

Today’s Jerusalem Post, for example, is collaborating with AP in “Hizbullah arms real danger to Israel”, quoting U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein as telling AFP: “I believe there is a likelihood that there are Scuds that Hizbullah has in Lebanon. A high likelihood.”

Conversely, the Lebanese PM claims the story is false – just like the “weapons of mass destruction” (which he cited as an example) the U.S. insisted were part of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The Syrian embassy in Washington, D.C. also says the story is false. Even the U.S. says it’s not certain that scuds were delivered to Hezbollah. But despite the uncertainty and denials, global media continues to flash headlines like it’s a “done deal”.

Russian newspaper Pravda, in an article published 19 April titled “Israel Threatens to Strike Syria and Lebanon over Innocent Scud Missiles”, speculated that even IF Hezbollah received the missiles they pose little threat. Commentator Sergey Balmasov writes: “This hullabaloo was caused because of the missiles hardly capable of seriously damaging Israel. It has nothing to do with the age of the weapons which is over 50 years. (they were developed in the USSR in 1957). American AD Patriot and Israeli ballistic missile defense are capable of intercepting up to 80% of similar missiles. Under these circumstances, can we say that Israel is in serious danger?”

The following commentary is reprinted with permission from Roads to Iraq intel blog.

Syria Scud rockets to Hezbollah and the Arab media propaganda
©  Roads to Iraq
April 20, 2010

Ironically, is that all the reports addressed the issue of Syria sending Scud rackets to Hezbollah in Lebanon are based on a report published on two pro-U.S. And pro-Israel Arab newspapers.

The many reports of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the analysis of Andrew Tabler on Foreign Policy and David Schenker’s document (Netanyahu’s politi­cal adviser, who released a document called “Will Israel face a war against Hezbollah and Syria?”), had all agreed to adopt what is published by the Saudi newspaper London-based Asharq Al-Awsat and Al-Rai source of information in a drive to build arguments against Syria and Hezbollah.

Could it be that we are facing the elements of a new Arab seeking to carry out the role of “third party” in the Arab-Israeli conflict by acting as a primary source of information, to allow Israeli and the U.S. intelligence and U.S. to adopt it as a primary sources, and thereby giving more credibility to the campaign?

Very proud to spread this propaganda, later report published on Al-Rai called “Al-Rai report of ‘Hezbollah’ receiving Scud rocket from Syria awaken Israel politically, diplomatically and militarily” – The title says it all.


There’s nothing like a new “crisis” to grab world headlines and divert attention from Israel’s continued building projects in Jerusalem and elsewhere.

Israel has recently been under more pressure than usual from the Europeans – who are fed up with the Dubai hit and the country’s continued nose-thumbing at world leaders. In my opinion the so-called Syrian-Hezbollah scud transfer is largely serving as a diversion.


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