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IntelTrends 18-APR-2010

April 18, 2010

Iran Displays Generations of Modern Home-Made Ballistic Missiles
Fars, 18 Apr

Iranian Armed Forces on Sunday displayed three generations of modern home-made ballistic missiles in military parades marking the country’s Army Day [PHOTOS]. During the parades, Shahab 3 and Qadr 1 – an optimized version of Shahab 3 – missiles went on display along with solid-fuel, two-stage Sejjil missiles.

Philippine army troops attack MILF forces in Lanao
MILF, 18 Apr

Troops from the 35th Infantry Battalion and 51st Infantry attacked a brigade commander of the 113th Base Command – Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) in Lanao.

Report: Fatah official spies for Israel
Press TV, 18 Apr

UN report: ‘Unfazed’ Musharraf says he has got one ‘final’ bullet in pistol for defence in Benazir Bhutto case
ANI, 18 Apr

SOMALIA: TFG says Puntland is ready to take part anti-piracy fighting
Shabelle, 18 Apr
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Interview with Puntland State Minister for Security on Piracy Developments
Puntland, 17 Apr

Brazilian Air Force receives Russian Mi-35M transport and combat helicopters
Itar-Tass, 18 Apr

Israel locks down West Bank until Tuesday
Ma’an, 18 Apr

Yemen expects oil production to decrease by 6.6 per cent
SABA, 18 Apr

TURKEY: Possible terrorist ambush in Samsun kills two police officers
Anatolia, 18 Apr

Turkish NGOs will join forces to break Israel’s Gaza embargo in May
Zaman, 18 Apr

Greek police seize almost 200kg of explosives
RIA, 18 Apr

Ecuadorean threat to oil giants
BBC, 19 Apr

The Ecuadorean gov’t has threatened to take over foreign oil concessions if the companies resist growing state control of the industry.

Jakarta authorities deny hundreds of officers missing
ANTARA, 17 Apr

“Sri Lanka sets precedent for internationally acceptable genocide model”
TamilNet, 17 Apr

Azerbaijan shifted Karabakh conflict resolution responsibility on to Turkey: Expert
NEWS.am, 17 Apr

John McCain on Armenian Genocide
NEWS.am, 17 Apr

Four Ethiopian soldiers defect to Eritrea
Shabait, 17 Apr

Sudan’s Turabi threatens tougher stance over ’fraudulent’ elections
Sudan Tribune, 17 Apr

A Series of Bomb Blasts in Northern Burma
Irrawaddy, 17 Apr

Cuba media: U.S.: Forgetful Judge
Prensa Latina, 17 Apr

HAVANA: The U.S. once again wears its gown as world judge and spares no effort to satanize the Cuban Revolution in human rights affairs, while forgetting its commitment to citizens affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Uzbekistan Tightens Security In Andijon
RFE/RL, 17 Apr

Moscow Ascending: How Turkey’s New Axis With Russia Affects U.S. Interests
OilPrice.com, 17 Apr

Briefing: Afghan-ISAF Operations in Helmand, Kandahar Ghazni, Kabul
ISAF Afgh., 17 Apr

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Two puppet police terrorists killed in Chechnya
Kavkaz, 17 Apr

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 17 Apr

Iran: the use of nuclear weapons prohibited by Islam
Ennahar, 17 Apr

Medvedev Wants BRIC to Fight Terrorism and Drug Trafficking
Pravda, 16 Apr
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