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Bribing of U.S. officials in Afghanistan by Afghani RAAM agents

April 17, 2010

The following article is from The Frontier Post, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Bribing of U.S. officials in Afghanistan
©  The Frontier Post
April 17, 2010

Our correspondent

KABUL – Afghans are known for their hospitality. This is part of their culture to show respect for people who matter. An interesting situation is emerging in Kabul and elsewhere when higher echelons of Afghan intelligence have been seen presenting gifts worth thousands of dollars to their American friends. This unprecedented generous gesture on part of the high profile Afghan intelligence officials has raised serious concerns amongst the Afghan government officials, who are aware on the friendships deal. This was disclosed by a well informed source who requested anonymity. Credible reports also reveal that the Afghan intelligence have discovered new ways to influence the Americans through bribe money with the ultimate objectives of receiving undue favours. However, the Americans in Kabul are unable to comprehend the expected return for the costly carpets, the average cost of each being US$50,000/-. The source being privy to the information and other misdeeds of the Afghan intelligence opined that this ‘working relationship’ allowed RAAM [Afghani intelligence] to work with impunity and spread fear knowing fully well that ‘no one’ would condemn or challenge their illegal actions. It is presumed that the money provided by Indian spy agency RAW for operations inside Pakistan is being syphoned off for personal use by Afghan senior intelligence officials.


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