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IntelTrends 11-APR-2010

April 11, 2010

Iran Builds Hi-Tech Air Defense Shield
Fars, 11 Apr

Iran built the first home-made mid-range missile defense system named as ‘Mersad’, the defense ministry announced on Sunday. DM Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi said that Mersad is resistant to electronic warfare and can be used as part of a network of radar and air defense systems.

SUDAN: SPLM launches blog to monitor elections
SPLM, 11 Apr

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) is blogging election news at the above link.

INDIA: Maoists warn of more Dantewada-type attacks
PTI, 11 Apr

The CPI-Maoist today warned of more Dantewada-type attacks on security forces if the Centre carried on with the anti-Maoist offensive even as it expressed sympathy for the families of the 76 jawans killed and offered compensation.

INDIA: Maoists blow up four buildings in Bihar
ANI, 11 Apr

U.S. Says Kyrgyzstan To Honor Base Agreements
Reuters, 11 Apr

KASHMIR: Shutdown to be observed on Tuesday
KMS, 11 Apr

Malaysia: Investigate spy charges / claims that Israeli spies infiltrated the nat’l police HQ
Jerusalem Post/AP, 11 Apr

Australian spy agencies probe Dubai hit link
Al Arabiya/AFP, 11 Apr

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Puppet terrorist police commander eliminated Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachai Province
Kavakz, 11 Apr

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Int’l terrorists from the KGB threaten to blow up member of European Parliament
Kavkaz, 10 Apr

Morocco to appoint a Polisario deserter Ambassador to Spain
Ennahar, 10 Apr

CANADA: 22 refugee claims made after Vancouver Olympics
CBC, 10 Apr

SOMALIA: Ahlu Sunna: ‘We call aid agencies, BBC and VOA to form centers in areas under our control’
Shabelle, 10 Apr

South Africa: a separate homeland for Afrikaners?
Telegraph, 10 Apr


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