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IntelTrends 09-APR-2010

April 9, 2010

GAZA: Hamas calls for soldier-nappings in wake of prisoner strike
Ma’an, 09 Apr

The solution to the prisoner-swap stalemate is to capture more Israeli soldiers and force the hand of the Israeli gov’t, Hamas leaders said on Thursday.

Reuters shuns story on U.S. chopper killing news staff
Press TV, 09 Apr

Editor-in-chief of Reuters News David Schlesinger has refused to cover a story by one of his own reporters which claims that the 2007 killings of two Reuters staffers in Baghdad by U.S. troops may have been war crimes.

Kyrgyz interim deputy premier flies to Moscow for talks
RIA, 09 Apr
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New Kyrgyz government to shut U.S. base
Arab News, 09 Apr
Dungans, Uyghurs Attacked In Northern Kyrgyz Town
RFE/RL, 09 Apr
Russia wins, U.S. loses in Kyrgyzstan uprising: experts
Dawn, 08 Apr

INDIA: Gov’t to deploy drones for recce along Maoist corridor
TNN, 09 Apr

Female suicide bomber explodes herself in Ingushetia
Itar-Tass, 09 Apr

U.K. Military Apologizes for Firing Range ‘Mosques’
Al Manar, 09 Apr

The British military has apologized for offending a Muslim group by using structures resembling mosques at a target range.

Lukoil Plans Large-Scale Expansion in Bulgaria’s Burgas
Novinite, 09 Apr

Benefits of U.S. aid to Israel exceed cost
Jerusalem Post, 09 Apr

(Bloomberg.com) – Seventy percent of the $3b U.S. aid must be used by Israel to purchase American military equipment. This provides support for U.S. high-tech defense jobs.

Nagorno-Karabakh independence is off question: Azeri president
News.am, 09 Apr
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Former Israeli deputy defense minister: “The int’l community, which denounced sharply acquisition of land by force by Israel, is much softer when it comes to the case of Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani land”
APA, 09 Apr

BURMA: Junta Unmanned Aircraft Project Stalled
Irrawaddy, 09 Apr
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BURMA: Junta military officials visit Kachin churches with donations during worship services
KNG, 08 Apr

PAKISTAN: Target killings continue: Two JUI-F leaders killed, SSP man and cop injured
Daily Times, 09 Apr

Malaysia-Indonesia joint military exercise important
ANTARA, 09 Apr

Canada to send trainers to Kabul
F.P./AIP, 09 Apr

GEORGIA: Tbilisi condemns joint Russian military base treaty with South Ossetia
Messenger, 09 Apr

NIGERIA: Analyzing Gaddafi’s deconstruction theory
Daily Sun, 09 Apr

CANADA: Don’t extend Afghan mission: poll
CBC, 08 Apr

Experts fear Venezuela’s dependence on Russia – Analysis
AFP, 08 Apr

SUDAN: Remarks by Kiir on North Sudan elections highlights growing SPLM divisions
Sudan Tribune, 08 Apr

WESTERN SAHARA: Sahrawi activists attacked at Laayoune airport
Sahara, 08 Apr

Interpol hails Yemen outlets’ security measures
SABA, 08 Apr

Media campaign in U.S. and Europe aims to destroy Cuban revolution
Prensa Latina, 08 Apr

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