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IntelTrends – 07-APR-2010

April 7, 2010

Opposition Demonstrations Turn Violent In Kyrgyzstan
RFE/RL, 07 Apr
Reports from Bishkek say a state of emergency has been declared in the Kyrgyz capital as antigovernment protests continue to grow.
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KYRGYZSTAN: Black Tuesday in Talas. What will happen next?
Ferghana, 07 Apr
Russia denies involvement in events in Kyrgyzstan: Karasin
Itar-Tass, 07 Apr

India vows to hunt down Maoists
Al Jazeera, 07 Apr
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Indian Air Force chief says no need for military involvement in anti-Maoist operations
ANI, 07

AUSTRALIA: Defence ready for secret trade war
Australian, 07 Apr

BURMA: Junta despatches tanks and trucks to Myitkyina
KNS, 06 Apr

KURDISTAN: Ranyia: Police officers transferred to Sulaimani on suspicious of voting Gorran, local media
Kurdish Media, 06 Apr

North Korean Red Star operating system details emerge
BBC, 06 Apr

Details of a home-grown computer operating system developed by North Korea.

INDONESIA: Terror group suspected to be behind students’ disappearance
Jakarta Post, 06 Apr

North Sumatra and Aceh Police are investigating the reported disappearance of 10 students believed to have been recruited by alleged terrorists fighting for the establishment of an Islamic state in Indonesia.

SRI LANKA: High ranking Tiger officials in SLA custody feared assassinated
TamilNet, 06 Apr

Baku regime launches large-scale punitive operations in the Sunni regions of Azerbaijan
Kavkaz, 06 Apr

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 06 Apr

UGANDA: No oil-jet swap with Russia: Kiyonga
New Vision, 06 Apr

China rejects allegations of hacking Indian defence websites
ToI/PTI, 06 Apr

Bulgaria Military Shrinks Weapon Deals over Money Shortage
Novinite, 06 Apr

Venezuelan Gov’t arrested eight Colombian citizens due to spying
ABN Caracas, 06 Apr

N. Korea media: U.S. Psychological Warfare Flayed
KCNA, 06 Apr

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