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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Why Obama Used the Cover of Night for His Flying Visit?

March 31, 2010

The following commentary is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). Reprinted with permission.

Why Obama Used the Cover of Night for His Flying Visit?
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
March 31, 2010  07:45

By making a 6-hour unannounced trip to Afghanistan last night, Obama proved that his military strategy and surge of 30,000 troops, his morale-boosting propaganda, all have failed to make a dent. The Mujahideen have further driven the enemy into the corner, to the extent that now he is not able to visit Afghanistan in the light of the day. He comes during the night and hurries back in the darkness, ironically acting like a thief.

Similarly, the brief speech of Obama to American soldiers in a military base, being dotted with his low-pitched and jittery-fraught voice was demonstrating the scope of the American military’s fear and mistrust in Afghanistan. There was no word in Obama’s speech, indicating any military achievement or at least giving good news to troops to boost their morale. Obama admitted in clear terms that their enemy (Taliban) were a determined and resolute opponent. However, he claimed that they would not defeat the Americans.

Obama’s admission that the Taliban are a determined force, in fact, exposes the invading Americans acknowledgement of the fact that the Taliban are waging an unflinching struggle with unwavering determination. During the past nine years, the invaders have not been able to force Taliban to retreat from any given small area or a village of any mention despite the invading Americans resorting to committing brutalities and using all military power at their disposal.

If they had any spectacular achievement or any tangible results, particularly, in the recent operations of Marjah, he would have refereed to them in his speech, to put them on display in front of his audience. On the other hand, Obama’s visit to Afghanistan in the darkness of evening and even not informing Hamid Karzai, the Head of the Kabul puppet administration until he was in a helicopter on his way to the Afghan presidential palace for a 25-minutes long meeting with the surrogate, shows how arrogantly the Americans behave with their henchmen. The surrogates may obediently betray their religion, honor and conscience but still they would not obtain pleasure of their masters – who are not ready to consider them an entity of any stature to reckon with.


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