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Ethiopian Army on Town Burning Spree in Ogaden

March 28, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Ogaden Online.

Ethiopian Army on Town Burning Spree in Ogaden
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March 27, 2010  13:05

Reports reaching Ogaden Online service desk from Jigjiga province confirm the burning down of 12 towns and hamlets by the Ethiopian military and its associated militias in and around the province. The burning down of towns took place between March 17-21, 2010. It is reported that all property was lost in the burnt down towns and hamlets.

The Ethiopian military is reported to have ordered all town and hamlet dwellers to move to unspecified places. Some of the burned down town and hamlets in Jigjiga include the following:

Biyo Cadde
Xero Hawd
Dhabar Dulee
Hundo & Harero Mar
Awaare Cabdulle
Gubad Waalaha.

In related news showing the continuation of town burning spree and misappropriation of the Ogaden property by the Ethiopian army, eyewitnesses report the burning and the looting of the Gudhis town, Qorahay province.

All our on the ground reports indicate that many of the displaced civilians are squatting in the vicinity of the burnt down towns and hamlets. At the time of publishing this report, there has been no emergency aid given to these displaced people by anyone.


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