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IntelTrends 27-MAR-2010

March 27, 2010

Israel plans expansion to Western Wall plaza despite intifada warnings
Ma’an, 27 Mar

The Israeli government has indicated that it will press ahead with a plan to enlarge the Jewish prayer plaza at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, despite warnings that the move risks triggering a third intifada.

Israeli parliament may recognize “Armenian genocide”
APA Baku, 27 Mar

Israeli parliament may recognize the so-called “Armenian genocide” because of the tensions in Turkish-Israeli relations.

‘Gülen movement is a supranational civil society movement’
Zaman, 27 Mar

Rice Univ. Prof. Jill Carroll has described Fethullah Gülen, whose message promoting dialogue continues to reach new audiences all over the world, and the Gülen movement as a supranational civil movement, during a presentation at an interfaith dialogue dinner in Norway on Thursday.
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Gülen Movement

Intercepts reveal Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) plan to target Indian interests in Afghanistan
TNN, 27 Mar
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LeT expanding to other South Asian nations: Top U.S. military official
ToI/PTI, 27 Mar

India successfully tests N-capable Prithvi II, Dhanush missiles
ToI/PTI, 27 Mar

SOMALIA: Landmine blast kills high TFG official Ahmed Sheik Mohamed Odawa in Mogadishu
Shabelle, 27 Mar

Canada province mulls veil, burqa ban
Press TV, 27 Mar

Briefing: Afghan-ISAF Operations in Eastern, Southern Afghanistan
ISAF Afgh., 27 Mar

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Blast damaged puppet police vehicle in Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachai province
Kavkaz, 27 Mar

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Blast strikes Russian invading terrorists in Chechnya
Kavkaz, 26 Mar

An Israeli spy arrested in Algeria
Ennahar, 26 Mar

Algerian security services have arrested an Israeli, declared lost in North Africa for five days and who would have entered Algeria with a false Spanish passport… According to observers, he is part of a plan for Israel’s Mossad to spy in Algeria and is on a mission in southern Algeria in an attempt to infiltrate the GSPC’s Salafist groups which are of interest to European intel services in the Sahel region.

Russian tanks: today and tomorrow
RIA, 26 Mar

The reorganization and re-equipping of the Russian army’s tank force has become a high-priority military issue.

Three more Somali terror suspects arrested in Kenya
Somaliland, 26 Mar

WESTERN SAHARA: Polisario Front reaffirms self-determination as only way to solution
Sahara, 26 Mar

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 26 Mar

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