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Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) report on operations in Eastern Oromia

March 26, 2010

The following article is from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

OLA Registered Consecutive Glaring Victory in Eastern Oromia: Made 145 Invading Woyane Troops Useless
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March 24, 2010

The hope and shield of the Oromo people, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Eastern Command, reported that our gallant OLA freedom fighters have attacked the invading Woyane [Ethiopian] troops, which was dispatched to “put the operation of OLA under control”, and made over 145 enemy combatants out of action in Western Harargee.

The fierce fighting between OLA and the enemy troops occurred when the Woyane [Ethiopian] regime, in an attempt to control the movement of OLA Eastern Command and to protect the so called “election” of the regime, and our gallant fighters successfully defended their positions killing and wounding 145 enemy troops. The massive confrontation occurred between March 10 to 21, 2010 at different locations in Western Harargee zone during which a total of 108 Woyane combatants have been killed and more than 37 have been wounded.

In one of these confrontations between Woyane troops and our freedom fighters which occurred on March 10, 2010 in Western Harargee zone Daaroo Labuu county [woreda] at a place called Sakattee, 52 enemy combatants have been killed and more than 33 others have been wounded.

On other fierce fightings which occurred at different places in the same Western Harargee zone, Baddeessaa county [woreda] at a place called Saaqataa and Bookee county [woreda] at places called Haroo Adii and Araaraa, a total of 56 enemy troops have been killed and many others have been wounded.

It has been reported further that, as has been their habit, the enemy troops, being angered by the action of OLA, are retaliating on the Oromo people by harassing innocent Oromo civilians. Accordingly the regime’s forces intensified detaining innocent civilians and arrested Oromo nationals such as Kenedii Abbuyyee, Ayyalaa Tagany, Yaasin Kadir, Siisaay Taakaluu, Daammana, and many others in the counties of Galamsoo, Waaccuu, and Bookee. However, the surrounding Oromo population being excited by the actions of our gallant fighters strengthened their support of OLA, the report added.

It is to be recalled that OLF News has reported that on March 04, 2010 OLA made more than 54 enemy troops out of action, on February 10 OLA has killed 6 Woyane troops, on January 31 that OLA has killed 6 and wounded more than 9, on January 16, 2010 that OLA Eastern command has killed 3 and wounded more than 8; on October 31, 2009 that OLA fighters operating in Arsi have killed 5 and wounded more than 7; and on October 21, on August 6, August 27, and July 11, 2009 OLA freedom fighters have killed a total of 40 and wounded 21 others in Western Harargee zone.

OLA Eastern command added in their report that our freedom fighters will continue their attack on the invading Woyane troops until Oromia is liberated.

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