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SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab describe dominant clan as "Infidels"

March 25, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Mareeg Online.

Al-Shabaab describe dominant clan as “Infidels”
©  Ismael Farah
Source:  Mareeg Online
March 24, 2010

MOGADISHU – Somalia’s Al-shabaab militant group has described one of Somalia’s main clans as “Infidels” calling for war against them and killings, in the first move by the militants to act upon strict laws in the moderate Sufi nation.

Speaking at a mosque in the main Bakara market, the spokesman of the group Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage has portrayed the ‘Abgal’ clan as the most infidelity clan in Somalia, saying they support Sufis and the puppet government.

“All Muslims around the world know that Abgal is wickedness and infidels” Rage told dozens of militants and fighters packed the mosque on Saturday.

“All Somali Muslims should warily avoid that clan” he added as some militants applauded.

Abgal is a dominant clan in Somalia, the Somali president hails from the clan which encountered the main damage from the militants since they seized most of their regions, as many of their efficient people including elders, officials and youths have been beheaded, amputated or were sentenced to death by the militants.

It’s yet unknown if militants from the clan were at the mosque at that time.

On Tuesday, the militants dug the graves of two of the most revered sheikhs from the same clan as they are trying to excavate others in the country.

The cruelty actions by the militants come as Somalia’s fragile government leaders are saving much of the money from the world for Somalia, and did nothing except to retreat back into very few blocks in the city.

Sources close to the top Somali leaders say that the president, finance minster have banked millions of corrupted money into banks in Europe as they want to resign soon and say they couldn’t cope with the rising insurgency and leave work to build hotels and live enjoyable life in Europe by using the money contributed to Somalia by the world.

Nevertheless, the hope for peace is unknown.


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