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IntelTrends 24-MAR-2010

March 24, 2010

BURMA: NGO and junta personnel told to leave Wa capital
S.H.A.N., 24 Mar

The Burma Army’s Tangyan command facing the United Wa State Army (UWSA), on 22 March evening, had instructed personnel working for NGOs, international organizations and junta agencies to evacuate Panghsang, the capital of the Wa region, within two days, reported sources from the Sino-Burma border yesterday.

WESTERN SAHARA: President of Sahrawi Republic denounces French government’s manipulations
Sahara, 24 Mar

Sahrawi President Mohamed Abdelaziz on Monday denounced the French government’s manipulations by leading a serious conspiracy likely to make things get dangerously out of control in the region.

PHILIPPINES: Militiaman killed in Davao del Sur firefight
MILF, 24 Mar

Gov’t soldiers and New People’s Army (NPA) guerillas engaged in a firefight in Sitio (sub-village) Latian, Barangay Savoy, Matanao, Davao del Sur at about 5:35 today.

China newspaper accuses Google of helping U.S. intelligence
Reuters, 24 Mar

INDONESIA: Army deploys troops to outermost islands to guard against Philippine-based terror threat
Jakarta Post, 24 Mar

INDONESIA: RI’s marine team to see Russia’s amphibiuous tanks BMP-3fs
ANTARA, 24 Mar

Top FDLR commander surrenders
TNT Kigali, 24 Mar

Greece Fine with Bordering ‘Republic Northern Macedonia’ in ongoing name dispute
Novinite, 24 Mar

INDIA: Maoists kill a private security guard, loot arms in Bihar
ANI, 24 Mar

Hamas welcomes UK’s expulsion of Israeli diplomat
Ma’an, 24 Mar

TURKEY: Security tight in Parliament over potential plot to assassinate PM
Zaman, 24 Mar

The number of Azerbaijani citizens, asking for asylum abroad increases by 36%
APA, 24 Mar

The Rwanda Hit List: Revisionism, Denial, and the Genocide Conspiracy
African Executive, 24 Mar

Top Israeli general: Iran remains strong
Press TV, 24 Mar

Russia conducts Navy anti-submarine drills in Sea of Japan
RIA, 24 Mar

Female poet uses ‘Arabic Idol’ to attack Muslim clerics
Telegraph, 24 Mar

Reports of threat to Jordanian ambassador in Pakistan ‘baseless’
Jordan Times, 24 Mar

N. Korea media: U.S. to Blame for Torpedoing Process for Solution to Nuclear Issue
KCNA, 23 Mar

SOMALILAND: America’s Underestimated Friend
Somaliland, 23 Mar

Vegetable prices soar in Iraq as government bans imports
Azzaman, 23 Mar

Circassians demand cancellation of Olympics in Russian-occupied Sochi
Kavkaz, 23 Mar

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 23 Mar

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