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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Who Controls Marjah Now?

March 23, 2010

The following article is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Reprinted with permission.

Who Controls Marjah Now?
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
March 22, 2010  11:35

Marjah was the first test ground for Obama’s new military strategy in Afghanistan. Since February 13, when the invading coalition and American troops launched operation “together” against Marjah, no day or night has passed without Mujahideen’s inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. Every 24 hours, the enemy loses 3-10 military tanks and armed vehicles on average. If we count the crews of the tanks killed by IEDs, mines and armed clashes, the enemy casualties reach tens of soldiers each day. General Azimi, a spokesman of the ministry of defense of the Kabul puppet regime admits that they face 3-4 attacks of Mujahideen in Marjah every 24 hours. The enemy is herded up in a government building in the center of the town. They have no writ beyond that point. Western media outlets themselves acknowledge that Mujahideen rule the whole Marjah during the night. Every one, including the operators of the mobile towers has to obey the Mujahideen instructions.

For the past eight years, the White House rulers have been propagating that Taliban were foreign elements that had no roots among the people. But now they have come around that Taliban are part and parcel of the Afghan society and could not be isolated socially. Richard Holdbrooke, U.S. Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan admits there is a Talib in every Afghan family. It is a fact, Taliban, in the other word, the Mujahideen, have deep roots in the society. They represent the aspirations of the people and are protectors of their religious and national values. It is why, the enemy is not able to [triumph] over the Mujahideen despite huge military preparations and operations, being unprecedented in terms of massiveness since World War II. Marjah is a good example of the invaders’ inability to achieve their colonialist objectives in face of the people’s stiff resistance.

Ironically, Washington acts as an evil empire under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Hundred of infants have been born deformed in Pashto-speaking areas because of the use of depleted uranium by the American invading troops. They launch night raids on civilian houses, blow up gates of residential houses with explosives and start firing pointblank and indiscrimately which frequently results in the killing of innocent residents in rural areas.

We have many examples in every part of the country. Recently during a similar case, three women were killed near Gardez, the provincial capital of Paktya province, where the abhorrent Black Water agents with support of special force’s soldiers raided a house. A baby-naming ceremony was going on in the house when the brutal agents gatecrashed. Similarly, since 13 February when the enemy launched attacks against Marjah, 36 civilians have been killed by enemy bombardment, missile strikes and night raids. More than 40 civilians received injury and hundreds of houses of people have been destroyed by the enemy. But the brutalities of the enemy to terrorize the people, have not granted them any gain on ground. Marjah is still in the hands of Mujahideen. The enemy is besieged and limited to some government buildings in the heart of the town.

The enemy has appointed an Afghan-German national, Abdul Zahir, as governor of Marjah who has remained out of touch with his community for the last decade and is not able to perceive their needs. He panders more to the demands of the invaders rather than meeting the requirements of the common Afghans.

As long as the invaders do not succumb to the demands of the people i.e. independence of Afghanistan, establishment of Islamic government, reconstruction and development of the country participated by all Afghans, the enemy will never have a chance to go to sleep with a peaceful mind. Military showdown and operations will not buy them peace. But realization of values and natural rights of the Afghan people is the way, leading to peaceful solution of the issue. However, ironically, these fundamental principles are not found in the book of colonialism and imperialism which have occupied Afghanistan.


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