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IntelTrends 21-MAR-2010

March 21, 2010

SOMALIA: Puntland says there is a deal to convict pirates
Shabelle, 21 Mar

The semi-autonomous region of Puntland said that an agreement was signed between the int’l ships and the region to locally convict Somali pirates, Information Minister Abdikarin Ahmed Guled said on Sunday.

PHILIPPINES: MILF to Agence France Presse: We did not issue fatwa
MILF, 21 Mar

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) had urged the Agence France Presse (AFP) to issue a correction to its news article posted at The Philippine Inquirer’s breaking news section that it (MILF) was responsible for the religious ruling (fatwa) declaring former President Joseph Estrada, Senator Mar Roxas, and Senator Franklin Drilon as “enemies of Islam”.

Terror SMS from your cell phone number? Possible
TNN, 21 Mar

Afghan-ISAF Operations in Zabul, Ghazni Province
ISAF Afgh., 21 Mar

INDIA: Encounter between Maoists and Joint Forces in Bankura
PTI, 21 Mar

Mauritania FM: All ties with Israel severed
Ma’an, 21 Mar

Russia needs minimum 50 nuclear subs for fleet – Navy Vice Admiral
RIA, 20 Mar

Russian soldiers arrest trespassers of SOssetia border
Itar-Tass, 20 Mar

Finnish newspaper published a scenario of war against Russia
Kavkaz, 20 Mar

AFGH: ‘It was like Zulu’
Telegraph, 20 Mar

How British troops in Afghanistan fought to the point of exhaustion against the Taliban. [Article highly recommended by your blogmaster for a glimpse at tactics.]

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 20 Mar

Somali-Canadian man killed in Mogadishu
Garowe, 19 Mar

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