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CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Statement of the Command of the Ingush Mujahideen to the people of Ingushetia

March 15, 2010

The following statement is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus mujahideen news agency.

Statement of the Command of the Ingush Mujahideen to the people of Ingushetia
©  Kavkaz Center
March 15, 2010   09:56 Emirate time

In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate!

Praise be to Allah, Who created us Muslims and bountiful with Jihad, giving us opportunity to deserve the Paradise.

Peace and blessings be upon the leader of the Mujahideen, our prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and all those who followed his path until the Day of Judgment.

We, the Mujahideen of Ghalghaycho (AKA Ingushetia) Province, want to address to our people who supports us in a difficult and brutal war against the cowardly and treacherous enemy: Russia.

First of all, we express, of course, our gratitude and appreciation for this support. We all know how dangerous such support today is, when hypocrites and apostates who sold themselves to Russian infidels are ready to inform their masters about a slightest rumor of someone helping the Mujahedeen, of providing them a house for rest and for spending a night.

Or that someone is helping them with money, weapons, or even that someone simply expresses his/her sympathy for the warriors of Allah.

But, despite all that, true Moslems from our people are always ready to help the cause of protection of our religion and our honor, the establishment of the word of Allah on our land and gaining freedom from dirty apostates, as the Almighty Allah’s words testify:

“O you who believe! if you help (the cause of) Allah, He will help you”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 47. “Muhammad”, verse 7)

Our grandfathers and fathers always fought by all available means against colonialists, who by fire and sword tried to crush our spirit and our striving for freedom. After they captured the Caucasus, the rulers of Russia mercilessly slaughtered indigenous peoples and terrorized the survivors, making every effort to turn them into slaves who are ready to fulfill any wish of the conquerors.

Through the policy of “carrot and stick”, bribing the weak with silver and gold and simply eliminating and expelling the disobedient, the infidels achieved that some faint-hearted began to perceive these cowardly barbarians as their masters. And that is why the offspring of these people are running around today like jackals and sniff those who show the true character of Caucasian highlanders in order to inform the invader about them.

It is these unhumans who for various “emergency assistance payments” from infidels go to work to power structures created by infidels to suppress the freedom-loving peoples.

But, praise to Allah, the Lord of Heavens and Earth, this is not the main part of the people. After centuries of occupation by Russian infidels, they could not erase the belief in Allah and the spirit of freedom in the Muslim peoples of the Caucasus.

The majority always felt hatred and contempt to the enemies of Allah. And exactly these decent people support today the fight of the Mujahideen for faith and freedom against the Russian infidels. And from the midst of this majority appear the heroes of Islam who give their lives in the path of Allah.

Look at them closely, at these heroic Mujahideen who chose the path of Jihad and follow it without looking back, without thinking anymore about mundane life, who follow this path until they meet their Lord and receive Martyrdom on this path.

They kill infidels and their dogs, the apostates, and they are being killed themselves. And they are the real heroes of Islam. And they are the defenders of the religion of Allah.

We want to thank those fathers and mothers who raised such worthy sons. And God’s willing, their deeds on the path of Allah will become a salvation from hellfire for you on the Day of Judgment.

Once again we would like to remind you that this is a war between Islam and infidelity, a war of believers against unbelievers, the servants of Allah against the servants of Iblis. And it is a war for the religion, for our freedom, for our honor and dignity. For a honor on the Earth and for Paradise in Heavens.

The words of Allah testify for it:

“They will not cease fighting with you until they turn you back from your religion, if they can; and whoever of you turns back from his religion, then he dies while an unbeliever – these it is whose works shall go for nothing in this world and the hereafter, and they are the inmates of the fire; therein they shall abide”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 2. “The Cow”, verse 217)

And those who want to be minions for the Russians, Ossetians and other infidels, who continue to destroy our people in one column, let them get out from our lands to their masters. And all the policemen who voluntarily married Russian infidels, let them go to the country of infidels and protect the peace of their masters in Russia. And in the Caucasus, God’s willing, there will be the fair law of Allah – the Sharia.

We, for our part, pledge ourselves to fight, God’s willing, till the victory, even if it would be necessary to do that for another ten, or twenty, or hundred years.

Russia is no longer the empire that t was before, but a colossus on clay feet, which is about to collapse under the weight of its crimes, and we only need to push it. It is a huge drunken man who empties the remnants of his vodka bottle, and he will surely fall on the ground, dead.

Every day, we, by the grace of Allah, become stronger, better organized, with a single command, while the infidels who represent Russia become weaker in every aspect: their economy decays, their population starves, and their army degradates.

It is superficial to speak about their demographic situation. Their population is sunk in alcoholism, drug addiction and venereal diseases. In addition, big apostate states, anticipating a forthcoming division of the territory and resources of a weakened and already dying Russia between them, actively promote its death. And Allah the Supreme promised us help and victory, saying:

“Helping the believers is ever incumbent on Us”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 30. “The Romans”, verse 47)

However we should not set for rest and expect an easy victory because Russia is still a strong and perfidious enemy, it wouldn’t surrender so easily. Probably, the fight is only beginning. Allah also said that He would put the believers to the test.

“Do you think that you will enter the garden while Allah has not yet known those who strive hard from among you, and (He has not) known the patient”.
(The Holy Quran, Surah 3. “The Family of Imran”, verse 142)

We must have patience.

Victory or Paradise! Allahu akbar!

Information and Analytical Department, Headquarter of the Armed Forces of Ghalghaycho Province


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