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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Australia and Canada Take a Rationale Decision after Holland

March 14, 2010

The following comment is reprinted with permission from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Australia and Canada Take a Rationale Decision after Holland
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
March 14, 2010  08:48  administrator

After the dissolution of the Dutch government following its parliament’s hot discussion over the American war in Afghanistan, now Canada and Australia have decided to respect the views of their people for unconditional withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

The Americans have been using various ploys and wiles in the last nine years to achieve their colonialist objectives, trying to show that the war in Afghanistan is the war of the West. Otherwise, they claim, the West would have to face harm as a result or reap its benefits. The Americans have been able to keep a number of countries entangled in the Afghan war through play of wiles and display of ambitious goals.

But as the time went by, not only the Afghans realized the true face of America but other members of the Coalition in Afghanistan also came to know the true feature of USA as clearly as they see the broad day light. They know that America does know only its interests; it does not care about others; nor does it pay any attention to other countries’ interests.

Western countries who are part of the Coalition in Afghanistan were thinking that they have vital interests in Afghanistan because Americans had told them so i.e. that Afghanistan was important for them geo-economically and militarily and that it was crucial for their long-term dominance over the whole region. That is why, Western countries divided all provinces and areas of Afghanistan among themselves, referring to them as areas of their influence and promised to carry out reconstruction there. As such, they simultaneously began to have confrontations with the Mujahideen. But during the past nine years, Mujahideen became more stronger with the passage of time; the Afghans sensitiveness against foreign troops growingly compounded; the material and life losses of foreign troops kept spiraling up and the American domineering attitude ominously became evident. These ground realities forced America and its allies to face frustrations and convincingly came around that the achievement of their objectives was almost unfeasible and impossible. Links of the chains of their victory started breaking to smithereens.

Western analysts believe that Americans are not ready to give any role to the rest of the world to play in Afghanistan nor are they allowing them to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people through positive measures. A French statesman Morg Basin says, there are many examples which indicate America overtly and covertly works against the stance of other countries because of its arrogance. They hurl hurdles in their ways. He further says whenever French, Canada and Germany succeed in winning the hearts and minds of Afghans in a given area of Afghanistan through reconstruction work and other humantarisian activities, the Americans heavily bombard that area; they torture the residents and launch night raids on their houses. Thus they intentionally create resentments and wrath among the people. This contradictory image of America and its other domineering attitudes in addition to the presence of Mujahideen in 80% of Afghanistan have given rise to a rift among the ranks of the American-led Coalition in Afghansistan. The Coalition members want to pull out of the country one after another because they know, the current war in Afghanistan is only aimed at securing interests of Americans and Britains while other countries are being used as fodder of the cannon.

After the dissolution of the Dutch government over the mission in Afghanistan, where the parliament was not ready to extend the military mission in the country, now the Australian and Canadian public have mounted pressure on their rulers to pay respect to the people’s demand for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and notify America and NATO of their decision.

Observers believe that the Australian and Canadian decisions to pull out of Afghanistan indicate the beginning of the fall of American empire and mastership. Their sun is about to set. They are facing defeat not only in the military field but their social system is on the verge of disintegration. If they keep traveling the way that leads to the well’s hole, they would certainly end up falling down into the pit if they do not amend their way. Only wiles, stratagems and ploys will not save them.


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