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IntelTrends 13-MAR-2010

March 13, 2010

SOMALIA: Senior Islamist official arrested in Sudan
Mareeg, 13 Mar

Muse Abdi Arale, the secretary for defence of Hizbul Islam rebel group has been arrested in Sudan while trying to leave for Eritrea, an official said on Saturday.

THAILAND: Police declare red security alert
Bangkok Post, 13 Mar
Police on Saturday afternoon declared a red alert, the highest level, in Bangkok to prevent violence as thousands of red-shirt protesters continued pouring into the capital to take part in the mass anti-government rally on Sunday.
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THAILAND: A hundred M79 Grenade launchers seized in raid on auto parts maker
Bangkok Post, 13 Mar
Investigation underway to figure out who owns the weapons and whether they are linked to the anti-government rallies of the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD).

NIGERIA: Inside story of Jos massacre
Daily Sun, 13 Mar
· How mercenaries were used
· The military connection

PAKISTAN: Taliban dare Lahore
Times, Lahore 13 Mar

Jakarta police not to ban rallies during Obama’s visit
ANTARA, 13 Mar

IRAN: Velayati Blasts Germany’s Measure in Releasing PJAK Terrorist Leader
Fars, 13 Mar

Islamic Jihad: Peace Process Should Be Pronounced Dead
Al Manar, 13 Mar

Egypt police arrest 42 Muslim Brotherhood members
Trend.az, 13 Mar

INDIA: Situation tense in Bareilly, more areas under curfew
PTI, 13 Mar

YEMEN: Rebellion alters Sa’adah to ghost towns
Yemen Obs., 13 Mar

Yemen criticizes ‘exaggerated campaign’ of Al Jazeera
SABA, 13 Mar

Al-Qaeda moves between Yemen and Saudi Arabia: Yemeni Official
SABA, 12 Mar

Brig. Asif Haroon Raja: Drug money used as a geopolitics weapon by CIA-RAW-Mossad
Veterans Today, 12 Mar

Gordon Duff: Using “Cop Sense” To Fight Terrorism
Veterans Today, 12 Mar

UGANDA: Leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Joseph Kony may have moved to Darfur, Musevini says
Sudan Trib., 12 Mar

Spanish Hostages: AQIM wants 5 million dollars and the release of Islamists
Ennahar, 12 Mar

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Mujahideen attacked Russian checkpoint in Ingushetia and blasted a gasoline station
Kavkaz, 12 Mar

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Mujahideen attacked a freight train in Shamilkala
Kavkaz, 12 Mar

Int’l Community Seems to Be Comfortable with Afghan Drug Trafficking
Pravda, 12 Mar

White House press secretary wears Canada jersey
CBC, 12 Mar

Iran makes medium-range air defense system
IRIB, 11 Mar

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