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IntelTrends 09-MAR-2010

March 9, 2010

SOMALIA: Hzibul Islam official assassinated in Mogadishu
Mareeg, 09 Mar

Gunmen armed with pistols have shot dead a commander Barre Ali Barre of Hizbul Islam rebels in Bakaro market in Mogadishu, witnesses said on Tuesday.

VOA airs new charges against IRIB reporter
IRIB, 09 Mar

Voice of America has backed the arrest of Iran’s IRIB reporter, Hamid Masuminejad, in Italy for efforts to send weapons to Iran and trying to establish a saboteur organization.

AZERBAIJAN: Witnesses testify in trial of group accused of having links with int’l terrorist network
APA Baku, 09 Mar

According to the indictment, the group having links with the int’l terrorist network set up an illegal unit and planned actions against the state. Head of the group, Azer Misirkhanov aka Abdulla was killed in Afghanistan during the operations carried out by U.S. forces.

Azerbaijani Commander: Internal Troops are able to liberate occupied Azerbaijani territories (UPDATED)
Trend.az, 09 Mar

INDIA: Govt sounds terror alert for Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore
TNN, 09 Mar

Pak officials yet to confirm Al-Qaeda’s U.S.-born spokesman’s arrest
ANI, 09 Mar

AFGH: Hezb-e-Islam fighters to support govt against Taliban
F.P./AIP, 09 Mar

Taliban take control of villages in E. Afghanistan
F.P./agencies, 09 Mar

INDONESIA: Police arrests two Aceh terrorist arms dealers
ANTARA, 09 Mar

INDONESIA: Most wanted terrorist Dulmatin shot dead in police raid
Jakarta Post, 09 Mar

Ahmadinejad stresses support for Zimbabwe against West sanctions
ISNA, 09 Mar

Ahmadinejad to visit Afghanistan Wednesday
Mehr, 09 Mar

Puntland explains operations conducted in Galka’o town
Shabelle, 09 Mar

Nigeria’s Nat’l Security Advisor, Maj-Gen. Sarkin Mukhtar, sacked over Jos massacre
Sun, 09 Mar

AFGH: McChrystal Highlights Kandahar Offensive
Quqnoos, 09 Mar

Gen. McChrystal Details Lessons of Marja Offensive
ISAF Afgh., 08 Mar

ANALYSIS: Uncertain U.S. space future launches int’l shake-up
Earth Times, 08 Mar

Blogs abuzz about Palin’s use of Canadian health care
CBC, 08 Mar

Afghan friend or foe? Look for a yellow sash
Guardian, 08 Mar

POLITICS: Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Information War
IPS, 08 Mar

IRAQ: The U.S. post-election worst scenario: A Syria – Saudi Arabia agreement
Roads to Iraq, 08 Mar

A French court allows posters detrimental to Islam and Algeria
Ennahar, 08 Mar

A court in Marseille authorized campaign posters of the political party of Jean Marie Le Pen, National Front (FN) in the south of France, which undermine Islam and Muslims and incites hatred of Algeria and the Algerians.

N. Korea media: Korean People’s Army (KPA) Command Order Army to Keep High Alert
KCNA, 08 Mar

Marijuana production in the U.S. pays off better than food
ABN, 08 Mar

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Kadyrov’s emissaries and other ringleaders of Caucasian apostates secretly visit ‘Israel’
Kavkaz, 08 Mar

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 08 Mar

WESTERN SAHARA: Delegation of independence intifada activists returns to occupied Laayoune after visit to refuge camps and liberated territories
Sahara, 08 Mar

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