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IntelTrends 07-MAR-2010

March 7, 2010

Iran Starts Mass-Production of Nasr 1 Cruise Missiles
Fars, 07 Mar

“Nasr 1 missile is a cruise missile capable of destroying 3-ton weighted vessels,” Iranian Interior Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said at a ceremony to inaugurate Nasr 1 production line at the defense ministry’s Aerospace Industries Organization.

PAKISTAN: Over 900 Frontier Constabulary (FC) troops sacked for refusing operation
Geo, 07 Mar

PESHAWAR: Frontier Constabulary Commandant dismissed over 900 FC personnel on refusing to take part in operation in FR Peshawar, Geo News reported Sunday.

Secret Israeli report: U.S. cozying up to Palestinians
Haaretz, 07 Mar

The U.S. administration will not put a lot of effort into the upcoming indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, opting instead to focus on the November Congressional elections, according to an internal Foreign Ministry report that was distributed to Israeli diplomatic missions abroad.

SAUDI ARABIA: No changes in border with Yemen, says Prince Khaled
Arab News, 07 Mar

Yemen accuses Al Jazeera of fabricating news stories
SABA, 07 Mar

Somali government says it completed its preparion for the offensive against rebels
Shabelle, 07 Mar

DJIBOUTI: Is DAF (Daher Ahmed Farah) a Leader Or a Warlord?
Somaliland, 07 Mar

Turkish PM continues criticism of Israel’s Heritage List: ‘Rachel’s Tomb was never Jewish’
Jerusalem Post, 07 Mar

Patchy Windows patching leaves users insecure / Third-party patch treadmill running too fast, warns security firm
Register, 07 Mar

Windows users need to patch their systems an average of every five days to stay ahead of security vulnerabilities, according to a study this week.

CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Mujahideen Command officially confirms Martyrdom of Sayeed of Buryatia
Kavkaz, 07 Mar

Al-Qaida calls on U.S. Muslims to attack America
Trend.az, 07 Mar
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Hunt for al Qaeda-linked U.S. nationals on: Patterson
AP, 07 Mar

INDONESIA: Police step up hunt for Aceh militants
Jakarta Post, 07 Mar
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Senior cleric: no terrorists in Aceh boarding schools
ANTARA, 06 Mar

Seminar: Afghan crisis related to Palestinian issue
IRIB, 07 Mar

NIGERIA: Militants resume attacks / ‘Expect more hostilities’
Sunday Sun, 07 Mar

Analysis: Albanian Conquest of the EU
Fondsk.ru, 07 Mar

Iraq military and security dilemma
Roads to Iraq, 06 Mar

Wanted: short, fat white man to succeed Barack Obama
Telegraph, 06 Mar

Western Sahara’s independence is the only guarantee to stability in the region
Sahara, 06 Mar

Bashir says committed to Islamic state in Sudan
Sudan Trib., 06 Mar

ALGERIA: Three terrorists killed and kalachnikov riffles recovered in Boumerdes
Ennahar, 06 Mar

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 06 Mar

Russia May Lose Influence on Setting Oil and Gas Prices
Pravda/Utro, 05 Mar

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