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AFGH: Tribal elders say Kabul writ shrinking in many provinces

March 7, 2010

The following article cites Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) as the originator.

Tribal elders say Kabul writ shrinking in many provinces
©  Afghan Islamic Press
March 6, 2010

KABUL (AIP): Tribal elders and analysts say that Taliban are extending their influence to Ghazni, Logar, Maidan Wardak and Zabul province while government writ is fast shrinking in these areas. Keeping in view the security, political, economic and cultural aspects these are areas from where reports of face to face clashes between Taliban and government forces are pouring in regularly. As usual both sides claim to be having upper hand in these clashes. Reconstruction activities are being undertaken very slowly in those areas. Cultural, social welfare and economic activities have also been badly affected due to prevailing security situation. It has lowered the standard of life of the people. Haji Masoom Khan, a tribal and Jihadi leader in Andar district of Ghazni province said Taliban have control over nearly 250 villages in the district where they (Taliban) resolve day-to-day problems of the residents…

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The Frontier Post,  Peshawar, 07 Mar


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