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IntelTrends 06-MAR-2010

March 6, 2010

U.S. facing surge in rightwing extremists, militias
F.P./INP, 06 Mar

The U.S. is facing a surge in anti-gov’t extremist groups and armed militias, driven by deepening hostility on the right to Barack Obama, anger over the economy, and the increasing propagation of conspiracy theories by parts of the mass media such as Fox News.

PHILIPPINES: Security guard killed by U.S.-based agency
MILF, 06 Mar

A 33-year old man, hired as security guard by Philippine-based security agency but sub-contracted by a U.S.-based agency, was tortured and summarily executed inside the Army’s 103rd Brigade headquarters at Camp Ranao in Datu Saber in Marawi City on Feb. 2.

Nuristan: Fabled Afghan province keeps U.S. troops at bay
Al Arabiya, 06 Mar

U.S. ‘may back Somali offensive’
Al Jazeera, 06 Mar

Indonesian students target Obama image with shoes
Press TV, 06 Mar

India temporarily suspends medical mission in Afghanistan
ANI, 06 Mar

AFGH: Some Internet sites to be blocked
F.P./Reuters, 06 Mar

Former president of the Rwanda Journalists Association, Deo Mushayidi arrested on charges of terrorism
TNT Kigali, 06 Mar

Jewish lobby behind U.S. Armenia genocide vote, Arabic paper claims
Haaretz, 06 Mar

INDONESIA: Naval base on Malacca strait terror alert
ANTARA, 06 Mar

INDONESIA: Ten policemen injured in anti-terror operation
ANTARA, 06 Mar

Indian mujahideen militant arrested in Delhi blasts case
ToI/PTI, 06 Mar

Maoists want to overthrow Indian state by 2050: Pillai
ToI/PTI, 05 Mar

Mystery of alleged MI6 traitor’s data theft
Register, 05 Mar

Abu Zeid agrees to ensure security for the French in the Sahel
Ennahar, 05 Mar

Sahrawi militants from occupied territories received by Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army
Sahara, 05 Mar

Russian state terrorists [security services] go to ‘Israel’ seeking advice
Kavkaz, 05 Mar

SCANDAL. Medvedev claims to be a Turk of Armenian origin
Kavkaz, 05 Mar

Afghan mujahideenmilitary operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 05 Mar

IRAQ: Election Day curfew announced by Al-Qaeda
Roads to Iraq, 05 Mar

Alleged al-Qaeda leaflets warning Anbar voters not to vote for Allawi are ‘dropped by helicopters’.

Is the State Department Running the USA?
Pravda, 05 Mar

President Hugo Chavez is right. There is a sinister and underhanded, hidden and deceitful side to Washington’s diplomacy and the document we are about to reveal proves it. Who is in charge of the White House, President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and the arms and AIPAC lobbies? After reading this, there can be little doubt.

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