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IntelTrends 02-MAR-2010

March 2, 2010

U.S. to establish Quick Reaction Force in Pakistan
Times, Lahore 02 Mar

Following Success of Sukhoi’s PAK FA, Russia To Develop New Strategic bomber, PAK DA
Pravda, 02 Mar

Wa opium ‘damages China-Burma relations’
DVB, 02 Mar

Burma’s intelligence chief has reportedly told the leader of the Wa ethnic army that its hand in the cross-border opium trade into China is damaging bilateral relations.

D.R. CONGO: 24 FDLR die in clashes with DRC army
TNT Kigali, 02 Mar

Mehsud tribe warned against giving shelter to Taliban
F.P./APP, 02 Mar

Zionists with dual citizenship to be banned from entering UAE
IRIB, 02 Mar

Bishkek rejects the fact of Iranian terrorist arrest at the Kyrgyz civil aircraft
Ferghana, 02 Mar

Pak troops fire on Kashmir LoC posts, launch rocket attacks
PTI, 02 Mar

YEMEN: 9 killed, 15 injured in Taiz residential complex blast
SABA, 02 Mar

Yemen will not allow rebels to go armed anymore: premier
SABA, 02 Mar

Iran FM Mottaki urges the West to answer on passports used in al-Mabhouh murder
ISNA, 02 Mar

Heron UAVs finally arrive in Turkey
Zaman, 02 Mar

TURKEY: Wife of slain Kurdish politician says husband killed by JİTEM
Zaman, 02 Mar

Six gunmen die in special operation in Ingushetia
Itar-Tass, 02 Mar
– – mujahideen version – –
CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Gun battle in Ingush Ekazhevo village
Kavkaz, 02 Mar

Research shows quarter of Americans get news via cellphone
NZ Herald, 02 Mar

Xinjiang separatist leader ‘killed by drone’ in Pakistan
Al Jazeera, 02 Mar

Towards America’s Electronic, Troop-less Wars
/ Future U.S Wars will involve Massive Use of Drones

Global Res., 01 Mar

New robot aircraft eliminates need for fleshy slaves
Register, 01 Mar

A robot-aeroplane inventor with successful designs behind him has come out with a radical new kind of skydroid which, he says, offers long range combined with vertical takeoff and landing – and automated ground support as well.

Kyrgyz news agency says Iran received no assistance in arrest of Rigi
Mehr, 01 Mar

USA to open a new radar station in Georgia
Geo. Times, 01 Mar

Afghan Scenario: Growing Complexities
Mainstream, 01 Mar

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 01 Mar

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