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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: America’s Face-saving Propaganda About Marjah

March 1, 2010

The following opinion is from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Reprinted with permission.

America’s Face-saving Propaganda About Marjah
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
March 1, 2010  17:59  administrator

The invading American and NATO forces have announced that they are clearing the last pockets of resistance in Marjah but this is no more than an eye-wash. The fact is that the invading troops are now entangled in a long war in Marjah. The battles are going on in Marjah according to the tactical plan of Mujahideen. With the passage of every day, the enemy suffers life and material losses.

From the first day of operation February 13, 2010, the enemy troops have not been able to extend their writ to other areas of Marjah – except areas which were evacuated by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate at the beginning of the operations as per a tactical plan to encircle the enemy forces.

When the enemy’s new strategy faced fiasco, they ludicrously announced to have cleared the areas. However, the ground realities are contrary to what they are claiming.

The enemy launched operations in Kunduz province to lessen pressure on their troops in Marjah. They thought Mujahideen will send some groups of their forces from Marjah to Chardaara district of Kunduz province. This will give them a breath of relief. Even they now speak of massive operations in Kandahar province. All these efforts by the enemy are aimed at distracting the attention of the public of the world from Marjah and reducing Mujahideen’s stiff resistance in Marjah. This moribund endeavor will also fail because Mujahideen are not short of manpower and armed men. The public are with them. Whenever the Mujahideen need more groups of armed men, they draw them from among the people. The Afghans share common goals with the Mujahideen and they know that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are protectors of their Islamic and national values. The Afghan Mujahideen lay down their lives to secure our cultural values, dignity, human rights, freedom and noble traditions from the aggression of the invaders. Therefore, the people stand by Mujahideen and support their cause.

The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes American invaders and their allies will always find pretexts to continue their occupation of Afghanistan. Terrorism, democracy, human rights, women’s rights are just mere slogans used by American colonialism to reach their imperialist goals in this part of the world and in Afghanistan. Many cases of tortures of detainees in Guantanamo, Bagram, Abu Gharib jail, NAMA camp in Iraq and the secret PRTs jails in military bases in Afghanistan, show flagrant and brutal violations of human rights by American interrogators and their troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. If they are really protectors of human rights, why have they been perpetrating these violations for the past eight years? In Bagram, Guantanamo and other secret jails in Afghanistan, miserable detainees are deprived of their humane rights and do not have access to legal advisors. They are deprived of their rights to defend themselves at the courts. Is this not a shame that the violators of human rights, i.e. Americans, claim being advocates of human rights in the world? They want to become the only policeman, magistrate and judge of the world.

If the people of Afghanistan want freedom and a system of government based on their wants, Islamic culture, why does America not give this legitimate right to the Afghans and why do they suffocate their voices under the notorious name of terrorism?

The demand of the Afghans is in line with all laws of human rights but the current American domination and subjugation of Afghanistan is against all norms and principles of human rights. The bottom line is that America is a new form of colonialist power which wants to maintain its dominance over the world under lustrous slogans of democracy and human rights while in reality, they are the enemy of human values and dignity more than any one else.

We ask the invading Americans why do you kill innocent youth, men and old men before the very eyes of their family members during night raids? Whey did you kill an infant of four days in Gorbez, Khust province last year? Was he a terrorist or did just your cutthroat soldiers want to strike terrors in the heart of common Afghans by resorting to such bestial acts, not sparing even an infant of four days?

The operations that you are conducting in Marjah under the name of fight against terrorism is a tyrannical and colonialist war being waged against freedom-fighters because the Mujahideen in Marjah are fighting for their freedom, human dignity, country and Islamic values. We are sure that no invader will ever suffocate the voice of truth in the throat of the freedom-loving people of Afghanistan by dent of military power. In the long run, the oppressed Afghans will carry the day in this battle between truth and evil, if God willing.


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