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Caucasus mujahideen media: Funny tiny Kremlin chieftain [Dmitry Medvedev] much worried about expansion of Jihad in the Caucasus

February 27, 2010

The following article is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus mujahideen news agency.

Funny tiny Kremlin chieftain much worried about expansion of Jihad in the Caucasus
©  Kavkaz Center
February 27, 2010  21:22 Emirate time

The formal chieftain of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, testified that the main problem of Russia was and is the Jihad in the Caucasus which is expanding rapidly. He said that in the tightly secured den of the Russian terrorist gang Kabardino-Balkaria’s KGB Department during a gathering in Nalchik on February 27.

“The situation in the North Caucasus continues to be difficult. The situation remains the most-serious problem for Russia”, the tiny chieftain noted.

The Russian dwarf Medvedev said that the “remaining” groups of the Caucasian Mujahideen, who are “spreading” rapidly, are among “major calamities of Russia”.

The Russian criminal emphasized that the situation in the Caucasus became so dangerous for Russia today that all members of Putin’s government should be engaged in fighting against the Jihad. The Russian vice-premier Khloponin, whom the Kremlin chieftain earlier nominated as the Russian governor-general for the Caucasus, fails to handle with this problem alone, the dwarf remarked.

“All government officials must deal with the problems in the North Caucasus. These problems cannot be solved single-handedly”, the Kremlin chieftain said thoughtfully.

Medvedev advised the members of the Russian terrorist gang KGB (FSB) to “use the punitive potential of the state” and gave them valuable and useful guidance of how to deal with the Mujahideen: “Any hotbed of resistance must be suppressed”.

During his speech, the Russian chieftain periodically clenched his funny tiny dwarf fists.

In their turn, the Nalchik KGB terrorist officers thanked Medvedev for his care for the Russian punitive potential and reminded that “three apartment buildings were being built in the republic for the KGB officers and their families”.

Medvedev assured his bloody terrorists that “the apartment buildings raise the prestige of the KGB and are a visible proof of the presence of (Russian occupation – CC) authorities in the region”.

Department of Monitoring,
Kavkaz Center


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