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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: Interview with spokesman Qari M Yousaf Ahmadi about the jihadic situation in Helmand and neighboring provinces

February 25, 2010

[Blogmaster note:  The text of the following interview was released through official channels of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. It is reprinted with permission. The interviewer is identified only as “Hekmat”.]

Interview with Qari M. Yousaf Ahmadi, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, about the general jihadic situation in Helmand and the neighboring provinces.
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 25, 2010  05:27  Interview by Hekmat

Q:  How do you see the current Jihadic situation in Helmand province and other surrounding provinces?

A:  Mujahideen’s resistance against the enemy attacks in Marjah, Nad Ali district, has been continuing as per the plan. According to our previous predictions and assessment, the enemy has now been entangled in battles in accordance with our tactical plan and the enemy losses have been spiraling up with the passage of time. The Mujahideen have destroyed a great number of the invading enemy tanks in various tip-and-run attacks. In addition to this, they have lost several soldiers. Reports from the battlefield of Marjah indicate, that the enemy forces are suffering from sagging morale. They are trying to take out their besieged soldiers from the area where they were deployed on the first day of the operation. However, the enemy infantry and tanks are under constant siege wherever they are stationed. Whenever they try to wriggle off from the tangle of the siege, they come under attacks and ambushes of Mujahideen or hit by planted mines. Similarly, Mujahideen constantly launch missiles attacks against the invaders. The invading foreign forces have not made any advancement despite great material and life losses inflicted on them and seem to be trying to retreat from the areas. Two days ago, the invading enemy airlifted their soldiers from Qari Sadi, evacuating the area.

Q:  At the beginning of the enemy attack, the enemy was speaking of their victories and advancement. Reports said that they had taken some areas. Western media also were repeatedly reporting their victories. What is the reality?

A:  All that which happened on the first day of the operations were in accordance with our tactical plan. We wanted to deal a crushing a blow at the enemy, so we allowed enemy forces to enter some areas without any resistance. The enemy thought, it was their remarkable advancement in the battle field. So they boastfully claimed of having captured Marjah. Even some high-ranking official of the Kabul Administration held celebration of victory in Marjah. The enemy has no advancement at the battlefield throughout the past two weeks except heavy losses and casualties. They know now that their claim about capturing Marjah was not at proper time or before time. The enemy infantry are under siege in areas where they were airdropped on the second day of the operations. Enemy tanks and military vehicles do not find any way to go out of the villages where they have entered. The enemy now uses pedestrians’ paths because Mujahideen have mined the main road with IEDs. There are deep-water canals on both sides of the main roads, which are not passable for enemy tanks and vehicles. Mujahideen snipers are targeting and ambushing them constantly. Wherever, the enemy intends to move, they face attacks and ambushes, mine explosions etc.

Q:  In the past few days, the enemy had material and soul losses in Marjah. Please share with us enemy loss figures.

A:  It is now two weeks since the inception of Marjah operations. According to reports from the battlefield, the following are enemy losses. We have given these figures at the disposal of mass media outlets from time to time.

Destroyed tanks  78
Foreign troops killed  382
Destroyed ranger vehicles  4
Domestic soldiers killed  36

Similarly, Mujahideen in other areas of Helmand province have stepped up their attacks on the invading enemy simultaneously. According to data on our hand, 51 foreign and 23 domestic soldiers have been killed as yet. 17 tanks and 6 military vehicles of the enemy have been destroyed in the said areas.

Q:  What is your opinion about the Jihadic situation in other neighboring provinces of Helmand. Reports say that high momentum is seen in Jihadic activities in this year particularly in this severe winter in comparison with other previous years.

A:  Yes, You are right. In the current year, Mujahideen of neighboring provinces of Helmand, launched devastative attacks against the enemy causing great losses to them. We have been witnessing simultaneous attacks of Mujahideen on the invading foreign forces. This has given the enemy the jitters and diluted their manpower to focus only on one area. Despite the harsh winter, enemy had great losses. Figures about the invaders losses indicate that Mujahideen activities have spiraled up in these province as follows.

Foreign troops killed  28
Domestic troops killed  33
Destroyed tanks  5
Destroyed ranger vehicles  5

Foreign troops killed  29
Domestic troops killed  17
Destroyed tanks  8
Destroyed military vehicles  3

Foreign troops killed  3
Domestic troops killed  26
Destroyed tanks  1
Destroyed military vehicles  4

Foreign troops killed  5
Domestic troops killed  19
Destroyed tanks  1
Destroyed military vehicles  3

These figures of enemy losses show their losses occurred in a few provinces. If we count enemy losses at country level, we see clear impetus of Jihadic activities and escalation of the invaders casualties and materials losses. Even some high-ranking enemy officials admit the achviements of the Mujahideen. So we can say as a whole, the Jihadic situation is convincing. With the help of Allah, we are not facing any obstacle that could not be overcome.

Q:  Dear Mr. Ahmadi! The Marjah operation is believed to be an experimental operation to test the new American strategy. Do you think the enemy would be able to reach their goal by launching such operations?

A:  It is experimental operation. This is true. The enemy openly admits that Marjah operations were a test for the new strategy. If this is true, the enemy should have known by now that their defeat is definitely a certainty. We see the situation of the battlefields in Marjah is going against the wishes of the enemy and they have no gains. They resorted to every kind of propaganda stunts to boost their position but have no advancement for the last two weeks. The reason for the enemy’s failure is that they have not learnt from the past eight years’ experiences. They want to show their muscles once again under the name of new strategy and prolong their occupation of the country. However, such adventures only add to the enemy losses. They have to face life and material losses. On the other hand, the civilian casualties and their compelling of common people to leave their homes cause deep anger and resentments among the masses. The enemy has to review their policies as regards to our country. This is now an accepted fact, that Americans and other invaders are not able to continue occupation of Afghanistan through military means. It will be better for them to pull their forces out of our country and leave the Afghans to live under the shade of an Islamic system.

Hekmat:  Thank you for the time to give interview.

Ahmadi:  Thank you.


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