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IntelTrends 23-FEB-2010

February 23, 2010

Iran arrests terrorist ringleader Abdolmalek Rigi
Mehr, 23 Feb
Intelligence sources told the Mehr News Agency that Rigi was detained on board a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan. Earlier on Tuesday Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said Rigi was captured outside the country and brought into Iran.
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Iran’s Intelligence Minister: Jundullah Leader is at U.S military base in Afghanistan before arrest
Trend.az, 23 Feb
Leader of the Sunni terrorist group Jundullah (Soldiers of Allah) Abdolmalek Rigi was at U.S military base in Afghanistan a day before the arrest, Iran’s Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said today quoted as saying by the Fars news agency.
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‘IRI intelligence management behind Rigi’s arrest’
IRIB, 23 Feb
“The move by the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman (PBUH) in arresting Abdul-Malek Rigi was a 5-month move of intelligence management which started after the martyrdom of General Shoushtari and his comrades and today paid off successfully,” said Intelligence Minister Hojjatoleslam Heidar Moslehi.

Study: U.S. hospital infections kill 99,000 each year
Press TV, 23 Feb

Every year 99,000 U.S. citizens die of infections they pick up in hospitals, says a report published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

PHILIPPINES: Two madrasah students arrested, detained in Zamboanga
MILF, 23 Feb

‘UK combat doctrine influenced by Israel Defence Forces’
Jerusalem Post, 23 Feb

Somaliland Thwarts Attack on Military
Somaliland, 23 Feb

Australia to use face-scanning and fingerprints to combat terrorism
Telegraph, 23 Feb

Moldova govt backs U.S. missile defence plans in Romania
Itar-Tass, 23 Feb

Analysis: The Iskander Missiles as the Guarantee of Normal Coexistence of Russia and Europe
en.fondsk.ru, 23 Feb

Conferences to be held today on U.S. policy toward Azerbaijan and the regions of Caucasus and the Caspian
APA, 23 Feb

YEMEN: Police defuse bomb planted by separatists in Dhale residential quaeter
SABA, 23 Feb

BURMA: ‘Saturday Mekong massacre is a lesson’: Locals
S.H.A.N., 23 Feb

India, China to undertake joint air exercise in 2012: IAF chief
ANI, 23 Feb

Bomb Alert Seals off Russia’s Embassy in Bulgaria
Novinite, 23 Feb

U.S.: Gov’t Sued Over Cell Phone Tracking
IPS, 22 Feb

If you are a U.S. resident who owns a cell phone, you should care about the outcome of a court case that “could well decide whether the government can use your cell phone to track you – even if it hasn’t shown probable cause to believe it will turn up evidence of a crime.”

Two police officers killed in Russia’s Dagestan
RIA, 22 Feb

Nicaragua President Rules out Coup
Prensa Latina, 22 Feb

SOMALIA: Explosion rocks Mogadishu location under Al Shabaab control
Garowe, 22 Feb

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 22 Feb

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