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China circled by chain of U.S. anti-missile systems

February 23, 2010

The following article cites China Daily as the originator.

China circled by chain of U.S. anti-missile systems
©  China Daily
By Qin Jize and Li Xiaokun
February 22, 2010

… Quite a few military experts have noted that Washington’s latest proposed weapon deal with Taiwan is the key part of a U.S. strategic encirclement of China in the East Asian region, and that the missiles could soon have a footprint that extends from Japan to the Republic of Korea and Taiwan.

Air force colonel Dai Xu, a renowned military strategist, wrote in an article released this month that “China is in a crescent-shaped ring of encirclement. The ring begins in Japan, stretches through nations in the South China Sea to India, and ends in Afghanistan. Washington’s deployment of anti-missile systems around China’s periphery forms a crescent-shaped encirclement”…

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