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Mabhouh’s assassination: The eye signature and Jordan’s role

February 21, 2010

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Mabhouh’s assassination:  The eye signature and Jordan’s role
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February 20, 2010

Dubai Chief police Dahi Khalfan told Al-Khaleej that the Interpol adoption of the case confirms the existence of incriminating evidence.

His statement to UAE newspaper Al-Bayan, telling the newspaper that the suspects credit cards confirms their identities, is already reported in the media. But what is not reported in the Western media is Khalfan also said that Dubai police has copies of the eyescan signature of the suspects, which will be released to the public soon and already distributed on the Inter­national airports.

More evidence of Jordan involvement in the assassination of Mabhouh in Dubai. Jordanian News Agency (Petra) reported today that Kind Abdullah of Jordan returned from a private (secret) visit abroad – with reporting fur­ther details or where was his visit destination. Reporters in Dubai and Amman said that King Abdullah went to Dubai to hide Jordan’s role in the assassination.

Hamas also indirectly accused Jordan saying that an Arab country partici­pated in the murder. The statement link between the Jordanian Intelligence officer killed in Afghanistan and the assassination in Dubai – Which explains why Jordanian FM “Nasir Jawdah” out of the sudden released a statement saying that Jordan will continue the fight against terrorism.

As the King himself informed Arab leaders, Jordan under threat of impos­ing the Palestinians resettlement, the country’s security institutions are forced to cooperate with the Americans in Afghanistan and with the Israelis to assassinate Hamas leaders.


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