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IntelTrends 21-FEB-2010

February 21, 2010

INDIA: Punjab police arrests two Khalistan Liberations Front members
ANI, 21 Feb

Lebanese Analyst: Jamaran Destroyer Strengthens Iran’s Position against U.S.
Fars, 21 Feb

Iran: terrorist team destroyed in Western Azerbaijan Province
ISNA, 21 Feb

Outside parties dictated part of IAEA report: Rafsanjani
Mehr, 21 Feb

Rafsanjani said the West is waging a psychological war against the Islamic Republic and is seeking to build a consensus against the country.

Iran, Israel’s Naval Bases, Somaliland’s Recognition: Port Berbera – Bargaining Chip
Somaliland, 21 Feb

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on Martyr Leaders’ Day – Full Text
Al Manar, 21 Feb

PAK: Attack on NWFP Assembly feared
Times, Lahore 21 Feb

Iran: VOA, BBC arms of U.S., British spy agencies
APA, 21 Feb

Latin American, Caribbean states to hold summit without Honduras’s new president Porfirio Lobo
RIA, 21 Feb

PHILIPPINES: MILF to intensify info campaign on peace process
MILF, 21 Feb

U.S. warns of al-Qaeda threat in Central Asia
F.P./APP, 21 Feb

YEMEN: Al-Qaeda and separtist members team up for double trouble
Yemen Obs., 20 Feb

Islamic extremism a challenge for Maldives: Vice President
Zee/ANI, 20 Feb

Iran able to supply arms to Muslim world
IRIB, 20 Feb

2 apostate policemen eliminated in Caucasus Emirate’s Dagestan Province
Kavkaz, 20 Feb

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