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Sudan castigates West

February 19, 2010

The following article is from The Herald, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Sudan castigates West
©  The Herald
By Herald Reporter
February 19, 2010

Sudan’s Embassy in Harare has castigated Western governments and non-governmental organisations that are undermining Sudan’s elections scheduled for April.

In a statement yesterday, Ambassador Elsiddieg Abdalla said: “These evil circles are known for their malicious, malevolent and nefarious feelings against the Sudanese people and the African nations in general and what happened during the last general election in Kenya is still in mind.”

This was in reference to the 2008 Kenyan polls marred by violence that left over 1,000 people dead. Ambassador Abdalla said bodies invited to monitor the polls were instead spreading malicious rumours.

“It’s regrettable that some governmental and non-governmental institutions are raising doubts on the whole process and trying to send wrong signals and evil messages to undermine and subvert the peaceful democratic transformation in the country.

“Questioning credibility of the election process even before the process starts is clear evidence that these circles intend to intimidate voters and push them to violence.

“We would like to assure them that Sudan is going to run a harmonised election process because this step is the people of Sudan’s choice and not dictated from outside,” he said.

The ambassador expressed gratitude to those who were supporting Sudan’s efforts to run a smooth election to elect a president and parliamentarians.


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