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IntelTrends – 18-FEB-2010

February 18, 2010

Maoist attack on Indian troops ‘led by female with mesmerising cobra eyes’
Telegraph, 18 Feb

A Maoist guerrilla attack on a West Bengal police camp which left 24 Indian paramilitary troops dead was led by a glamorous female gunslinger with “cobra-eyes” who mesmerised victims before shooting them, witnesses said.

Sikorsky eyes $8-12b Indian defence deals
F.P./Reuters, 18 Feb

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp, an arm of United Technologies, is eyeing defence deals worth $8-12 billion in India by 2018 and plans to manufacture its Black Hawk helicopters locally, a top official said on Wednesday.

KASHMIR: Shutdown on Feb 20 in IHK against Indian state terrorism
KMS, 18 Feb

Gordon Brown says UK is prepared in Falkland Islands
BBC, 18 Feb

Tehreek-e-Taliban Bajaur (TTB) commander Abdullah (alias Abu Waqas) nabbed in Karachi
Geo, 18 Feb

Russia Expands Military Presence on Black Sea
Pravda, 18 Feb

Kazakhstan stops pumping oil via Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC)
APA, 18 Feb

Mossad is supposed to gather intelligence, not sow death
Haaretz, 18 Feb

KYRGYSTAN: Hizb ut-Tahrir activists held with leaflets and books
24.kg, 18 Feb
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KYRGYSTAN: 34 suspected members of outlawed Islamic organization arrested in Bishkek in 2010
24.kg, 18 Feb

BURMA: Ousted Kokang leader denies Laogai bombings
S.H.A.N., 18 Feb

BURMA: Militia chief becomes battalion commander
S.H.A.N., 18 Feb

INDIA: Maoists kill 10 Bihar villagers in ‘revenge’ attack
ToI/IANS, 18 Feb

SRI LANKA: Colombo court releases former SLA, SLAF personnel arrested with Fonseka
TamilNet, 18 Feb

Anti-Somaliland Campaigners: Descending to the Lower of Pan-Somali Polemics
Somaliland, 18 Feb

Indian Navy to induct Mig-29K fighters Friday
Zee/IANS, 18 Feb

In Mabhouh’s assassination, what is the Dubai police trying to hide?
Roads to Iraq, 17 Feb

British Army uses Python against Taliban roadside bombs in Afghanistan for the first time
Telegraph, 17 Feb

The Python is mounted on a trailer pulled behind a Trojan armoured engineer tank. It is then propelled back like a catapult, shooting a snake of high explosives high into the air and on to a minefield, where it detonates.

ALGERIA: Al-Qaeda brigade ‘treasurer’ Guemoum Mahfoudh killed in Tizi-Ouzou
Magharebia, 17 Feb

West’s policies have led to spread of terrorism: Iran
Mehr, 17 Feb

Terrorist groups under Iranian watch: police chief
Mehr, 17 Feb

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 17 Feb

Rendition of Ogaden Civilians Continues Unabated
Ogaden, 15 Feb

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