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IntelTrends 17-FEB-2010

February 17, 2010

BURMA: Two more bomb blasts in Laogai
S.H.A.N., 17 Feb

Two more bombs exploded last night in Laogai, the capital of Shan State’s Kokang, barely 40 hours after twin bombs killed 1 and wounded 11 yesterday, according to SHAN sources on the Sino-Burma border.

NIGERIA: Massive scramble as Acting President Jonathan allocates 20 oil blocks
Daily Sun, 17 Feb

Daily Sun gathered that the development has triggered frenzied lobbying by local and international oil magnates, tycoons and top political stakeholders who are scrambling for the blocks.

Alarm bells ring as demands for U.S. Treasuries nosedive
Press TV, 17 Feb

Alarm bells ring in the U.S. over the reluctance of foreigners in buying Treasury securities after a report showed a declining demand for long-term assets in December.

Oz intelligence agaencies monitoring India security threat to athletes
ANI, 17 Feb

INDIA: Militants attack cop post near Srinagar, loot weapons
PTI, 17 Feb

INDIA: With locals on their side, Maoists now striking at will
TNN, 17 Feb

Russia, Abkhazia seal deal on military base
Itar-Tass, 17 Feb

Sayyed Nasrallah: Nothing Will Be safe In Israel From Our Rockets If You Bomb Us
Al Manar, 17 Feb

TAJIKISTAN: Dushanbe court convicts 12 Hizb ut-Tahrir members, including two Uzbek nationals
Asia+.tj, 17 Feb

NATO Secretary General meets with Turkmen Defense Minister
Trend.az, 17 Feb

BANGLADESH: High level BDR-BSF talks gets underway at Sylhet frontier to defuse border tension
BSS Dhaka, 17 Feb

Israel-based U.K. men named as suspects in al-Mabhouh assassination ‘shocked’ by claims
BBC, 17 Feb
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Israel has nothing to worry about over Dubai killing
Haaretz, 17 Feb

Yemen To Open Diplomatic Office in Somaliland
Somaliland, 17 Feb

Somaliland: Mohamed Atam, A Terrorist or Arms Dealer?
Somaliland, 16 Feb

Iran to install new generation of centrifuges: Ahmadinejad
Mehr, 16 Feb

Indonesia, Malaysia studying defense industry cooperation
ANTARA, 16 Feb

Ukraine supplying weapons to Darfur rebels through Eritrea: report
Sudan Trib., 16 Feb

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 16 Feb

SOMALIA: Ethiopia’s Counter-Encirclement Strategy Confronts Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jama’a [Intelligence Update #4]
Garowe, 16 Feb

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