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Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the 20th Anniversary of the flight of the Invading Soviet Forces from Afghanistan

February 15, 2010

The following is an official statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Reprinted with permission.

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the 20th Anniversary of the flight of the Invading Soviet Forces from Afghanistan
Source:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
February 15, 2010  04:52  administrator

Twenty years ago, on 15.2.1989, the Red Army of the former Soviet Union fled our country with disgrace and failure after passage of ten years from their invasion, terrors and showdown of muscles (in our country).

Though during the said ten years, the Red Army and their internal surrogates – the Khalqis and Parchamites – martyred more than 1.5 million Afghans; forced 6 million others to take refuge and wounded or detained hundreds of thousands of Afghans. However, in the end, Gorbachev, leader of the former Soviet Union, referred to the invasion as “a bleeding cancerous wound”. The Red Army, under the arrogant General Boris Gromove, pulled out of Afghanistan shamefully and with complete flop after losing 15 thousand invading soldiers; with 50 thousands more, being injured and 1,400 either detained or lost without any trace.

In 1986, after coming to power, Gorbachev gave one year to the army to prove their upper hand in the war but when they failed to deliver because of the holy Jihad of the Afghan Mujahid nation, the political and military leadership of the former Soviet Union decided in November 1986 to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and used the Geneva Accords as a convincing pretext for the pull-out.

Today, after twenty years from the Red Army withdrawal, Obama has given 18 months to McCrystal, U.S. Chief General in Afghanistan, to prove that he can turn the tide against the Islamic Emirate but the historical experiences of the Mujahid Afghanistan and the ground realities indicate America is readily walking on the step of the former Soviet Union. Surely, they will face fiasco after one and a half years as they are facing failure today.

Rationally, if the invading crusaders have not been able to subjugate the Afghan Muslim Mujahid people by martyring, wounding and detaining more than one hundred thousands Afghans during the past eight years, then how can they be able to subjugate them in the coming 16 months or through ostensible military operations like the ones in areas as Marja and Nad Ali.

The American and NATO rulers should know, if they need 15 thousands well-armed troops to take only one district, then there are 350 districts in Afghanistan, they would need 5,250,000 more troops to take them, whereas you are not able to supply logistics even for the said 15 thousands troops.

Similarly, KGB believed that they will control Afghanistan within 3 months and gave more budget to KHAD (intelligence Agency) than to the ministry of defense of the former Khalqi regime, today America has allocated huge budget for the Black Water, CIA and the Special Forces to subjugate the Afghan people through terrorizing them and maligning the good name of Mujahideen but these endeavors already have been tried by the former Soviet Union in the recent history. However, they utterly failed. The invading America is following their steps.

The showdown and arrogance of the invaders versus the Afghans have now lost their splendor. The resistance and Jihad of our Muslim people against the atrocities and coercion is a good lesson for all invaders. The moribund rulers of the White House would find it more beneficial if they ponder over the historic lesson instead of turning to a showdown of forces. Obama like Gorbachev needs to realistically view the ground realities in order to put an end to tyrannizing and repressing the Afghans and further disgracing America.

While congratulating the Muslim and Mujahideen people and all the Islamic Ummah on the collapse and disintegration of the communist empire thanks to the Islamic Jihad of the Afghans, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan gives good news and assurance to the heroic Afghan people that today’s arrogant America and their war-mongering crusading coalition will meet the fate of the former Soviet Union who were disgraced and routed.

The moribund McCrystal, like the defeated Boris Gromove, will admit his defeat and rout by kowtowing before the Jihadic magnanimity and Islamic faith of the Afghan people, if God willing.

“Those who have wronged, will know how terrible Return they will have (in the Hereafter)” (Al-quran)


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