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IntelTrends 14-FEB-2010

February 14, 2010

INDIA: Huge cache of explosives seized in Gujarat, four held
PTI, 14 Feb

Explosives, including 200 kg of ammonium nitrate, 600 detonators and 200 gelatin sticks, were recovered in two separate cases in Vapi area.

SOMALILAND: Darod clan spokesman backs Somalia’s Islamist insurgents and condemns Israel, EU, Ethiopia and United States
Somaliland, 14 Feb

Sheikh Ahmed, responding to a recent story [Israel says ready to recognize Somaliland] said, “the infidels want to prey on the people of Somalia and further divided them, they want to establish base in Berbera and turn the north (Somaliland) into a new Palestine.”

Iranian parliament firm to lower U.K. ties: senior MP
Mehr, 14 Feb

“Majlis is seriously pursuing the issue of reducing relations with Britain, and in this regard it has started a wave of intensive negotiations with the Foreign Ministry and Supreme National Security Council,” Mohammd Reza Bahnor, the deputy Majlis speaker, told Mehr News Agency.

Lebanon comes full circle back to the Syrian fold
Haaretz, 14 Feb

Assad’s old fear that Lebanon might make separate peace with Israel is all but gone.

AFGH: Bomb threat for Operation Moshtarak troops in Helmand
BBC, 14 Feb
– – More – –
Governor of Helmand: Operation Moshtarak could last a month
Telegraph, 13 Feb

Russia Presses Bulgaria for Explanation on U.S. Missile Shield
Novinite, 14 Feb

Yemenis in Malaysia must be careful
SABA, 14 Feb

PHILIPPINES: Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) hails appointment of U.S. envoy Rashad Hussain to pan-Islamic body
MILF, 14 Feb

American spy chiefs alarmed by Binyam Mohamed ruling
Telegraph, 14 Feb

U.S. intelligence sources are concerned that a British court’s ruling on secret CIA interrogation records could affect the flow of information.

INDIA: Pune blast: Chidambaram denies intelligence failure, Maharashtra ATS takes over probe
ToI/PTI, 14 Feb
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Could Pune blast be Headley’s brainchild?
ANI, 14 Feb

SRI LANKA: Eastern provincial (Tamil) education administration goes to Sinhalese hands
TamilNet, 14 Feb

LAF Fires Anti-aircraft Artillery at Israeli Warplanes in South, Beqaa
Al Manar, 14 Feb

Locals: Combatants in Gaza survive Israeli artillery shelling
Ma’an,14 Feb

U.S. Army gives 48 Howitzer cannons to Pakistan Army
Times, Lahore 14 Feb

NZ Salesman ‘crippled’ by internet charges
NZ Herald, 14 Feb

A kiwi salesman was stunned to receive a $1100 bill from Telecom for just 10 minutes of internet access from his laptop.

IRAQ: What next, a sectarian civil war?
Roads to Iraq, 13 Feb

Gambia President Expels UNICEF Rep.
Gambia Echo, 13 Feb

What is going [on in] Puntland?
Waaga Cusub, 13 Feb

Afghan mujahideen military operations against the kafirs, munafiqs and the worshippers of Idols
UnjustMedia, 13 Feb

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