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AFGH: Update on Operation Moshtarak from the mujahideen

February 14, 2010

February 14, 2010

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has released a military update for the situation in Marjah.

According to the report, dated today, U.S. Nato and Afghan forces have sustained 36 losses in battles with mujahideen. 7 tanks have been reported destroyed. “4 Mujahideen embraced martyrdom and 7 were injured” as a result of engagements and airstrikes.

[Blogmaster note: These figures are believed to reflect ‘operations to date’ since the onset of Operation Moshtarak through Saturday 13-Feb.]

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UPDATED: 14 Feb 2010  5:45 PM CST

In a military operations update released by the Islamic Emirate at 22:32 this date…

“Three consecutive blasts” (no further details) resulted in 13 U.S. casualties, 7 wounded, in contingent “hiding” in Block Now, outskirts of Marjah. Part of original helicopter borne force which arrived at beginning of Operation Moshtarak and have been surrounded by mujahideen since debarkation 3 days ago. Mujahideen report they have closed off escape routes from Karu Char Rahi, Abdullah Qulf and other areas of Marjah. Additional coalition losses and tanks destroyed on Sunday.

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