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Mahmood Afridi: RAW-led triangle busy in destabilizing Pakistan

February 12, 2010

[Blogmaster note:  RAW refers to India’s intelligence service: the Research and Analysis Wing.]

The following report is from The Frontier Post, Peshawar, Pakistan.

RAW-led triangle busy in destabilizing Pakistan
©  Mahmood Afridi
The Frontier Post
February 12, 2010

PESHAWAR – When India and Pakistan were actively engaged in laying a framework for normalising their relations in 2002, RAW’s Counter Intelligence Team-X (CIT-X) in close collaboration with Mossad, CIA was conducting subversive operations targeting Pakistan to destabilize the country. According to well placed sources a declassified document of RAW has revealed CIT “X” operations spelling out the Mossad/RAW/CIA triangle plot against Pakistan indicating that Pakistan has effectively been engaged in for a long hot summer as the “Summer Offensive Continues”. The document reveals that RAW and Mossad had conceived the “summer offensive” in retaliation to the alleged unending terrorist pursuits of Pakistan. Modus operandi has been successful.

The operational tactics are: Intelligence has successfully tapped known international drug and mafia dons against Pakistan. CIT “X” is effectively training agents for covert operations in Pakistan. Under the Vajpayee government, the CIT “X” and other sensitive organisations were authorised to strengthen contacts with sleeping agents, and recruit new front men to carry out covert operations in Pakistan. All possible international criminals and mercenaries, including Afghans were engaged for covert purpose during LK Advani’s tenure in the Home Ministry. CIT “X” is actively involved in drug trafficking to finance its covert operations. Illegal poppy is being cultivated in bulk in Himachal Pradesh, Arunchal Pradesh, Mizoram and Uttar Pradesh. Drug barons have close links with their Afghan counterparts, completely controlled, and continuously monitored by various intelligence agencies.

India today stands as the fifth largest country in the world in the production of illicit opium. Laos is 4th with 20 metric tons and has directly tied up with RAW and internal drug barons. Some people of Indian origin living in Surinam and Holland have been engaged to facilitate Indian agencies in drug trafficking. Under the benign patronage of CIT “X” the business of drug trafficking is flourishing and the money earned is accounted for and is being directed towards covert activities in Pakistan.

The summer offensive includes establishment of 57 training camps in Occupied Kashmir, East Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnatka and Assam to train and launch terrorists inside Pakistan. Trainees are generally drawn from the Indian hatched dissident groups of political and nationalist parties from various parts of Sindh, Balochistan and Tribal Areas. RAW Centres in London, Dubai, Iran, and South Africa operate against Pakistan jointly with Israeli MOSSAD. However, for its summer offensive RAW in a joint effort with MOSSAD has laid out a whole network around Pakistan to ensure success through destabilization. During Wana operations the miscreants were fed cash, weapons and ammunition indirectly by RAW operatives under cover of al-Qaeda. Mossad has also contributed heavily towards the funding and material requirements for those operations.

The Indian Embassy at Tehran and Consulates in Zahidan, Mashhad and Bandar Abbas are actively engaged in establishing links with disgruntled elements of Balochistan and Sindh for destabilizing these provinces. RAW is maintaining contacts/their sources/links in Pakistan through their consulates at Zahidan and Dubai. Most of the staff at Indian Consulate in Zahidan is from intelligence/security organisations including RAW, Intelligence Bureau and Military Intelligence. The intelligence is an improvement on the practices of MOSSAD, which has infiltrated several Jewish agents into the occupied territory of Palestine as Muslims. These agents practise Islam like any ordinary Muslim. Mingle into local Muslim population just to wait for the appropriate time to strike. While Taliban and al-Qaeda are getting the blame and Pakistan gets the rap for “not doing enough” by U.S. and “friendly” Afghan authorities RAW Agents are getting hold of young, disgruntled elements and after carrying out their proper brainwashing, they are dispatched to Dubai. Indian Consulate in Dubai is issuing temporary passport to these activists for getting training/briefing. After completion of their formal training, they are launched into Pakistan to carry out their terrorist/sabotage activities.

To cripple the economy of Pakistan, RAW has taken it upon itself the responsibility of pumping fake currency into Pakistan through various illegal means. To fan flames of Sindhu Desh Movement subversive literature, published from Bombay and Jammu e.g. Sindh Sujag. Sindh Rises, Sindh Parcham, Sangat and lot of other subversive material is being pumped into Sindh clandestinely. Whereas, RAW is morally and materially supporting the Saraiki Movement in southern Punjab. Regional political parties are being effectively sponsored. Subversive literature in huge quantity is being published on the subject. RAW is also involved in sponsoring Balwaristan Movement. It is being organised under Abdul Hamid, self-styled Chairman of his own faction of Balwaristan National Front based in Delhi. The Front is working for the independence of Northern Areas. It has been inculcating into Pakistan a highly subversive material from abroad.

The hostile intelligence operatives are making concerted/unified attempts to achieve their aim of destabilizing Pakistan through a well conceived/articulated plan. It needs to be countered utilising all means available at the country’s disposal.