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CAUCASUS EMIRATE: Conflicting data on fightings near the settlements of Arshty and Dattykh

February 12, 2010

The following report is reprinted with permission from Kavkaz Center, Caucasus mujahideen news agency.

Conflicting data on fightings near the settlements of Arshty and Dattykh
©  Kavkaz Center
February 11, 2010

Occupation sources, starting from Thursday afternoon, started to report about serious clashes in the area of the settlements of Arshty and Dattykh in the Sunzha district of Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) province of the Caucasus Emirate.

The Russian media reported the villages were sealed off and a so-called “counter-terrorist operation (CTO)” regime was imposed.

Until Thursday night various occupation sources gave different information about the situation in the area of military actions.

Infidels reported that a squad of Mujahideen, engaged in fightings, consisted of 15 to 25 Mujahideen. The FSB namely insisted that a group of 15 Mujahideen was engaged in the battle while other sources reported about 25 “militants”.

A Russian news agency, citing its sources, reported about death of at least 9 Mujahideen. Other Russian news agencies, referring to the occupation power structures, reported about “10 killed militants”.

In its turn, representative of the FSB said in an interview with the Russian agency RIA-Novosti that the battle was still continuing, and no information was available about the casualties of the Mujahideen.

The RIA-Novosti reported: “A representative of the Federal Security Service said he was surprised by the information spread by the media saying that 8 to 10 militants had been killed in battle”.

“There is a fighting still going on, and I have no idea who had counted dead militants there. Such information is not available,” he said.

Another source in the FSB told the Russian Interfax agency that the fighting was halted due to nightfall. He has also pointed out that there was no data about the casualties of the Mujahideen.

Infidels also said nothing about their own casualties.

“The active phase of special operations is halted due to darkness and will resume tomorrow morning”, a representative of infidels said.

He said that the Russians offered the Mujahideen to surrender several times, “but they responded with gunfire”.

Yet it is not clear who attacked whom in the vicinity of these settlements. According to local residents on Thursday, all day long, artillery fire was heard, and helicopter gunships bombed woods with missiles.

According to Russian media reports, the main forces fighting against the Mujahideen belong to “special units” of Russian infidels and not to local apostates.

Against this background, [Chechen puppet president] Kadyrov’s apostates made typical statements declaring that “they would not allow militants to break into Chechnya”.

We would like to remind thereupon that the fightings near the villages of Arshty and Dattykh occur regularly. Last year, there were at least three or four major battles involving armored vehicles and aircraft. Every time infidels and apostates stated that “militants want to break into Chechnya” and every time they declared that the Mujahideen in this area were finished off.

Recent events indicate that the statements of invaders and puppets do not correspond to reality. Mujahideen in these places didn’t leave for anywhere and are continuing to patrol the foothills and mountain areas of the Sunzha district. This is the only explanation to the fact that the villages of Arshty, Dattykh and many others are battle zones or, in invaders’ slang, of an “anti-terrorist operation”, for many months already in the news reports by infidels and apostates.

Kavkaz Center


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