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A Story from Ruhnama: The Good Neighbor

December 5, 2009

Human relations begin with your neighborhood. Nobody can be a guarantor to a person who is not in terms with his neighbors. Sultan Sanjar Abiverdli recruited the great scientist and poet, Enveri, to his palace, and gave him a house in the most beautiful part of the city.

Enveri moved into his place. He carried all his stuff within two to three days, settled in and put his life in order. Later, he found the conduct of his neighbor weird and invited him over for tea; and asked him:

“Neighbor, every day, you come from work when dark falls and scream as soon as you enter into the courtyard; screaming again when you enter your house and again when you are on the second floor; what is the meaning of this?”

“When I come back from work as an exhausted man and enter into the courtyard, my horse welcomes me by neighing and touring around the stick. I yell of happiness since God has endowed me with a beautiful horse like this. When I go into my house, my wife welcomes me with her smiley face; opens her arms and welcomes me with a well-prepared, rich and affluent table. I then scream of happiness since God gave me such a loyal and beautiful wife as well as this food and richness. When I go up to the top floor, my sons say:

‘Daddy, Daddy!’ and jump into my arms. This time, existence of my children bestowed to me makes me happy and I scream again.”

Enveri smiled and said:

“Then, it will be beneficial for you to scream a fourth time. Because you have a very good neighbor.”

The more relations increase, the more friendship and fraternity improves. As the relations increase, your horizon broadens and your subsistence and richness increase.


Excerpt from:

Ruhnama (Book 2): The Spiritual Wealth of Turkmen
Saparmyrat Niyazov (Turkmenbashy the Great),
The State Publishing Service
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 2004.


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